Mindful Monday

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That's why they call it the present." - Eleanor Roosevelt

What is mindfulness?

  • Mindfulness is for everyone, children and grown ups!
  • Being mindful is all about living in the present moment.
  • Being in the present moment means paying attention to what is happening right here and now.
  • Mindfulness is about using your senses to engage with the world around you.


The story below is called What Does it Mean to be Present? Have a listen and while you are listening think about what things in the story you are already doing that are mindful and what else could you do to be more mindful?


The children in this video below are from a country called New Zealand, they are going to explain to you all about mindfulness.

The children in the clip talk about PBS, do you remember what words those three letters stand for?

  • P is for Pause (stop)
  • B is for Breathe
  • S is for Smile

Why don’t you try it now?  How did it make you feel?

The 5 Senses

Mindfulness is about using your five senses to engage with the world around you.

Can you name all your 5 senses?  Try now and then click on the link below to watch Show Me Show Me’s Mo Mo Bot singing all about your 5 senses.


So with your senses in mind here are some fun activities that you can do….

1. Taste

Below is a tasty Zen Den exercise from Jaime.

Oh and before you start just to let you know she will ask you to bring a little snack with you, maybe a piece of fruit or a vegetable of your choice…

Fruity Snacks

Why not have a go at making some fun fruity snacks like these below and try eating them mindfully.  What flavours can you taste?  What can you smell?  What does it feel like?  What crazy, fun, amazing creations will you come up with?  Feel free to share your pictures or any findings out with us at the nursery email address.

It can be very challenging getting your kids to eat healthy snacks. My boys have always been picky eaters and making fun snacks has really helped me with getting them to try new and healthy foods. All of these fun fruit ideas are easy to make and your kids will just love them even if [...]The kids are going to go crazy for these adorable animal shaped fruit snacks! This is one way to get them to eat all their fruits (and veggies, if you want to try sneaking some in there). That watermelon monkey and pineapple banana elephant are SO cute!5 Tips to Up Your Kid-Friendly Food Styling Game From Instagram Sensation, @FoodBites | Williams-Sonoma Taste13 Healthy Kids Snacks - Healthy Snacks for Kids - Fruit Ladybugs - Ditch the fruit cup and make this fruity treat in less than five minutes. Head over to redbookmag.com for more adorable snacks your kids will love.Watermelon Pizza Dessert Recipe topped with yogurt and fruit toppings. Summer desserts make every BBQ better, especially when it's a fruit pizza! Celebrate Summer Series Practically Functional for TodaysCreativeLife.comEasy Lemon Dip Recipe with Easter Themed Fruit! Fun party food idea for spring, a farm birthday party or Easter.

2. Touch

In nursery we have been doing 30 Days Wild in conjunction with The Wildlife Trust, and the very first activity in the Random Act of Wildness cards was to ‘feel the wild between your toes’.  The Wildlife Trust is an amazing charity helping to take care of our wonderful wildlife, if you want to check them out here is the link below.


Feeling the Wild Between Your Toes

If it is safe to do so and your grown up says it’s okay, go outside and with your bare feet see how the earth feels beneath them.  Is it hot, cold, wet, dry, crunchy, soft, hard?  How does it make you feel?  Can you think of any other describing words to say how it feels?  Try closing your eyes, can you feel the wind on your face or the warmth of the sun?  Perhaps it’s raining?  How does the rain feel on your skin?

 Playing in the Rain by ddreadkiddBaby dance in rain Wallpapers App for AndroidSand and Sea. Such fun to bury someone in the sand :) Childhood was so simple :)

3. Smell

For this activity why not get your family involved and enjoy a game of  ‘The Nose Knows’

4. Sight

Make a paper plate magnifying glass like the one below.  What can you see when you put your magnifying glass up close to nature?

Exploring the sense of sight, one of the five senses, during a nature walk. Part one in the 5 senses series in the blog. Science fun for kidsExploring the sense of sight, how we learn about the five senses,


Googily Eyes Activity

  • Try this with a family member.
  • Before sitting down, find a flower or plant to use as a “focus flower.”
  • Once you have your flower, sit on the floor with your legs crossed, or on a chair if more comfortable. Rest hands on knees and sit up tall and reach for the sun, (like a flower or plant) but keep your neck and shoulders relaxed.
  • Now close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths.
  • Open your eyes and examine your flowers.
  • Notice the colors, the smell, the intricate lines, and details.  Notice the texture and the overall shape. Does your flower look different when you pay close attention?  Discuss your observations with your grown up.


Make some fun glasses to use when you are using your super sight sense!

Too cute!! Toilet Paper Roll Glasses. #upcycle #preschool #kidscrafts #efl #education (repinned by Super Simple Songs)With Easter just around the corner, chances are you’ll soon have some extra egg cartons on your hands. Put them to good use with these simple crafts perfect for kids of all ages. From dump trucks to colorful chicks, keep reading to let the upcycling...



5. Hear

Go on a sound scavenger hunt.


Mrs Howe would play us all different types of music in nursery, such as, jazz, country, blues, classical, why not try choosing a piece of  music to listen to.  What instruments can you hear? How does the music make you feel?  Try closing your eyes to listen.

Now try making your own musical instruments.


Mindful Yoga

Join in with the little monkey below for some calming, mindful yoga.

Quiet Time

Hot Cocoa Breathing Exercise

  • Imagine you are holding a nice hot cup of cocoa between your hands
  • Take a deep slow breath in and imagine smelling that lovely sweet chocolate smell (perhaps you have whipped cream, sprinkles or marshmallows on yours)
  • Blow out gently onto your hot cocoa to cool it down
  • Try this 5 times



Get creative and make your own hot cocoa like this one below.

I can breathe in ~ my calm down cocoa...good metaphor and breathing imagery

A senses meditation with Peace Out, yes it’s time to get nice and comfy and relaxed….

Sending you lots of love,

Mrs Mitzman and all of your nursery teachers xxx