Mindful Monday

Hello everyone,

Happy Bank Holiday Monday!  I hope you’re having a lovely weekend and enjoying this fabulous sunshine, it really is something to be grateful for isn’t it.

This weeks Mindful Monday is all about gratitude.  Did you know that being grateful and noticing the wonderful things in our life can really help us feel positive, how great is that!!

I had a friend who started a gratitude jar with their family and everyday they write something they are grateful for on a piece of paper and put it into the jar!  You too can make yourself a gratitude jar, more about that further down the post!

An Attitude of Gratitude! 

Here is a video where a little boy explains all about what gratitude is, enjoy watching….

Activity Time!

Gratitude Jar

So now you know more about gratitude, why not try this fabulously fun activity, making a gratitude jar! I know I am going to have a go at making one.

You can decorate them however you like I would love to hear what ideas you come up with to decorate yours.  You can write your gratitude’s on different coloured paper or different shaped paper (think hearts, flowers, dinosaurs, cars) or you can find things you are grateful for and put them inside, for example, I have a shell I am going to put in mine as I am grateful for the oceans and all the sea animals.  You may want to fill your jar with gratitude stones, you could paint a picture of what you are thankful for on them or write what you are thankful for and pop them into your special gratitude jar.

I absolutely loved this story below about a little boy and his gratitude jar, I hope you enjoy listening to the story too, it may help give you ideas for your gratitude jar?

Or instead of a jar you could make a gratitude tree like this one below…

Mindfulness For Children — Gratitude Tree For Thanksgiving - Blissful Kids

This person has drawn a gratitude jar on a piece of paper and is going to write what they are thankful for inside the jar, another great idea!

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt Activity

Why not try this gratitude scavenger hunt activity with your family?

Gratitude Scavenger Hunt to help kids be thankful

Quiet Time

Here is a little activity you can do before bed.

And finally here is a little mindful story you can try, you may want to listen to this somewhere cosy and relaxed, in a chair, in a little den or maybe when you are in bed about to go to sleep, enjoy…

I am so grateful that you read and listened to my blog, thank you very much.  See you next time!

Lots of love

Mrs Mitzman xxx