Mindful Monday

Hello Everyone, today Mindful Monday is all about the wonderful outdoors! Hooray my happy place – is it yours too?

The natural world is like a best friend, it helps us when we have a worry or when we feel anxious, it helps us clear our minds of thoughts we don’t want anymore and helps keep us healthy!  Now that’s what I call a BFF!

Story Time

Here is a true story based on a lady called Katherine Olivia Sessions also known as The Tree Lady, enjoy…..

Click on the link below for information about Balboa Park in San Diego.  Do you know what country San Diego is in?  See if you can find out and I’ll tell you at the end!


As you know one of our Mini Explorer motto’s is ‘don’t hurt a tree, hug a tree’!  Try giving a tree a hug and see how you feel after!

Outdoor Activities

  1. Sit Spots
  • A sit spot is a place to stop and sit.
  • Anywhere can be a sit spot, a log, leaning on a tree trunk, a place along a river bank, a bench in a park, or a field or garden.
  • Choose your own special sit spot, somewhere you can come back to regularly and sit in again and again.
  • Sit down, get comfortable, and wait.
  • The more time you spend in your sit spot, the more you will notice about your surroundings.
  • Repeat your sit spot meditation at different times of day and at different times of year, in different weathers, and when you are in different moods. You’ll notice all sorts of things!
  • By returning to the same sit spot over time you might observe:
      • the changing seasons
      • the changing textures
      • new growth
      • new decay
      • new animals 
      • smaller things
      • tiny things
      • things you have previously overlooked
  • You may want to write things down or draw pictures of what you have seen.


2. Go on a mindful walk

Click on the link below for some fun ways to be mindful on your walks…


Here are some more ideas for a mindful walk….

Journey Sticks

Memento Stick~Tutorial how to make a journey stick with children on a nature walk: a great activity for children to learn about nature and their environment.

3. Mandala Art  

Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means ‘circle’, here are some pictures below.  It would be great if you could make your own and if you want to take a picture and send your amazing work to us at nursery using the nursery email address, we would love to see them.

 Grüne Land Art Kunst , Anleitung zur Grünen Land Art Kunstthis kindergarten life: beautiful mandala on a tree stump (",)

4. Bark rubbing

How about trying some bark rubbing? Perhaps you can find out what tree it is too and make a little collection in a book like the one below?  Then when you’re finished why not give the tree a hug!!

Tree rubbings are a nature activity that aids the children to explore different textures of bark and learning names of trees.Leaf and bark rubbing journal - nature art and hands-on science | momgineer

5. Make a sundial

See if you can tell the time by using your sundial.  People used to use this method a long time ago before clocks and watches were invented!


One of my favourite sit spots is in our very own forest at school. I like to sit by the frog pond to see if I can see or hear anything.  I have seen lots of different types of bugs and birds but I haven’t seen any frogs yet. I think maybe I will need to go back to my sit spot at a different time of year, or maybe a different time of day to see a frog?  Here are some fun froggie activities for you!

Sing-a-long with Mr Tumble

Join in with Jaime below, you may find it a little tricky to start with but with practice you will get better and it’s great fun trying!

Get creating, here are some froggie ideas….


Get Active

Try practicing frog pose, we love this one at Nursery and we normally jump up in the air after with a big ‘ribbit’, we make great frogs and can jump really high!!

No Print Yoga for Kids | Animals by Language Speech and Literacy

Try learning Sun Salutation with Yoga For Kids below!

Quiet Time

Bee Breathing

Mrs Bence loves to teach us all about how brilliant bees are so here’s how to do buzzy bee breathing…..

  • Sitting comfortably, gently place the tips of your pointer fingers in your ears and close your eyes.
  • Breathe in through your nose and then hum quietly as you slowly breathe out.


If it helps watch Moose Tube practicing bee breathing below….

Now you are feeling nice and relaxed its time for our mindful meditation below…

I look forward to hearing all about your outdoor adventures and remember it doesn’t matter what the weather, there is always something to enjoy outside!

Weather Quotes - “Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” – John Ruskin

See you next time mindful explorers.

Lots of love

Mrs Mitzman and all your nursery teachers xxx

P.S San Diego is in the state of California in America.  It is on the Pacific coast and has lots of lovely beaches to explore!  I wonder what animals live in the ocean around there…..?