Mindful Monday

Hello everyone,

A good night sleep is so important not only for our physical health but our mental health too!

  • When we get the right amount of sleep it means that we can learn better (use our noggins), we can remember things easier, we can sit and listen better AND we’re not so grumpy so our behaviour is better too, which makes all of us happier including our grown ups!


Below are some sleepy activities for you…

  • A relaxing bath

Why not have a nice relaxing bath just before bedtime.  Use your favourite bubbles and if your grown up has time ask them to read you a little story in the bath whilst you relax among the bubbles!

If you have any worries the bubbles will help you wash them off – you don’t have to scrub to get your worries off, worries wash off very easily.  Then when you finish your bath watch your worries disappear down the plug hole “bye, bye, worries”!

Maybe your grown up could pop your pyjamas on the radiator before you have your bath and when you put them on after they’ll be all warm and cosy!

  • Make a lavender eye bag

Here are some websites with instructions on how to make an eye pillow – you will need a grown up to help you with this activity.



How to Make a Lavender Eye Pillow

Once you have made your eye pillow you can just lay down pop it over your eyes and relax, see how lovely it smells!

Worries or Bad Dreams?

Let’s talk about worries first!


If you have a worry  that may be stopping you from getting to sleep you can:

  • make a worry doll – have a look at Mrs Hill’s nursery art blog from last week where she shows us how to make our very own worry doll or even a worry doll family!
  • wash your worry away – as I mentioned earlier you can gently wash your worry away in your bubbly bath and then at the end of your bath when you pull the plug out you can watch them go down the plug hole.
  • write your worry down or tell a grown up – this really does help, when you share your worry it starts to disappear!
  • Good Night Worries activity sheet – try the activity below.


Bad Dreams

Did you know dreams are just like a film or a picture that our brains are playing while we are sleeping.  Sometimes you may find that one is a bit scary but remember they are not real and did not happen in real life. Remember that most of the dreams that you have will be sweet dreams and if you do have a bad dream your grown ups are always there to comfort you and reassure you that you are safe and that you can go back to sleep knowing that everything is okay.

  • When my little boy had a bad dream we made a dream catcher here are some dream catcher ideas for you to make too…
  • How about making a dream jar, write or draw things that you would like to dream about and put them in your own special jar, click on the link below to find out how to make one and what sort of things you can put into it.



Bedtime Routine

Maybe you could sit down with your grown up and design your own bedtime routine?  See below for an example.  You might want to include your mindful minute (see last Mindful Mondays blog), some bedtime yoga and a mindful story into your bedtime routine.

Bedtime Yoga

Below are 3 Bedtime Cosmic Kids Yoga stories to choose from.

Tommy the Bedtime Turtle (for a good Bedtime Routine)

Twilight the Unicorn of Dreams (for having lovely dreams)

Fernando the Silver Fox (about not being scared of the dark)

Bedtime Affirmations

When you’re safely tucked up in bed how about repeating one of these bedtime affirmations to yourself as you go off to sleep.  They help to relax you and help you to remember all the positive things that you have achieved that day.

Bedtime relaxing breath

Try some deep belly breathing, you can practice this when lying in your bed.  You could even pop one of your cuddly toys (a breathing buddy) on your belly whilst you do it, as you breathe in watch your toy go up and as you breath out watch it go down.  Watch the clip below to help you.

Mindful Bedtime Story

As this week is all about a peaceful night sleep why don’t you choose one of your favourite books and ask your grown up to read it to you whilst you snuggle in your bed with your eyes gently closed?  As your grown up reads you the story you can use your imagination to make pictures of the story in your head as you slowly drift off to sleep…..



Note to grown ups:  Please check out these really useful websites below for any advice on healthy sleeping tips for your children.



Have pleasant dreams everyone,


Love from the Nursery and Reception Teams xxx