Mindful Monday


Dr.Suess! Oh, the Places You'll Go.  My mom and dad gave me this book when I graduated from college, I LOVE it, still have it and read it to my children often!!!

A Summer Full of Mindfulness

Hello Friends,

I have a special activity I would really love to share with you but first here are a few things that you could put into your daily routine during the summer holidays.

  1. Practice your yoga, have a look at previous Mindful Monday blogs for some ideas.
  2. Do a mindful meditation story, find these on previous Mindful Monday blogs too or have a look for some new ones (try Cosmic Kids Peace Out and Zen Den).
  3. Read lots!
  4. How about making a summer scrapbook or journal of all the lovely things you have done.  You could also write down any feelings you have, draw pictures or stick in little memories like tickets for places you have visited, leaves or flowers you have found on walks, photos, books you have read and what you thought of them (maybe you could rate them out of 5?) etc.  How lovely to be able to have a memory of your summer.


Activity Time!

So here is the special activity it’s a 30 Days of Mindfulness Jar and here are the instructions on how to do it…

Step 1

Create a mindfulness jar like the one below by using an old jam jar or something similar and then decorate it, if you don’t have an empty jar you can always use an old ice cream tub or tissue box…

Step 2

If you have a printer then print off a copy of the PDF below, cut the activities out, fold them up and pop them into the jar or box.  If you don’t have a printer don’t worry all the activities are numbered so you just have to write the numbers 1 through to 30 and pop those in the jar instead.


Step 3

Every morning go to your Mindfulness jar and pull out an activity and whatever activity you pull out that is what you will do that day.

If you have popped the numbers in the jar just pull out a number then go to the PDF and see what activity matches the number you have.

Step 4

Once you have done the activity you can either put it back into the jar or keep it to one side and then once the 30 days are up you can always pop them all back into the jar and do it all over again, or how about making up your own – I’m sure you will be an expert by then!!


NB: All the activities are either ones I have put on previous Mindful Monday blogs or the printables and/or instructions will be below.

Activity 2. 5 Things I Love About Me

FREE Printable Self Esteem Worksheets

Activity 6. Cosmic Kids Yoga


Activity 8. The Gratitude Game

Play The Gratitude Game for this year! Perfect for an icebreaker or for #Thanksgiving ! #gratitude #classroomgames #playtherapy #playtherapist #erinfado #youwillbearwitness #fightingforafuture


Activity 9. Nature Wands/Breathing Wands


Activity 11. Mindful Colouring

Activity 16. Superheroes

Activity 17.  Breathing Buddies

Grab your soft toy then read or  watch the YouTube video below for instructions


Activity 19. Jungle Safari Yoga with Cosmic Kids and get creative with WWF



Activity 22. A Mindful Safari

Activity 23. Gratitude Scavenger Hunt
Activity 24 Listening Walk Story and Walk


Activity 25. Hot Cocoa Breath

Use the above printable or draw your own cup of cocoa!

Activity 28. Bee Breath and Bee Waggle Dance

Use the above printable or draw your own bee!

Activity 30.  Make your own Affirmation Bracelet/Bookmark/Paperchain

Here are some positive affirmations to help you but can you think of any too?

Affirmations for Kids - Lemonade BrainAffirmation Bracelets - Big Life JournalAlma Stoller: how to make a paper bracelet

Quiet Time!

Here is a lovely meditation about a campfire makes me think of toasting marshmallows and then squishing them between two biscuits YUM!  Get comfy and cosy and click play…..

The one below is one of my favourites from previous blogs so I added it to this blog too :o)

Before I go I just want to say how much I have enjoyed bringing you your Mindful Monday blogs.  Thank you so much for getting involved in all the activities, I have absolutely loved seeing all your pictures of all the wonderful things that you have created from this blog.  You are truly inspiring little superheroes and I am so proud to have been a part of your learning journey so far!

May you and your families have the best summer ever!

Sending you much love, gratitude and positivity,

Mrs Mitzman xxx