Mindful Monday 4th January 2021

Hello Nursery friends, families and carers,

It’s a new year!

Firstly everyone in Nursery would like to wish you all a very happy and healthy new year!

Now I know the year 2020 was very difficult for all of us, we have had to adapt to many changes in our lives and I have to say you all did so amazingly well.

Activity Time

Postivity and Gratitude

Can you have a really good think about all the positive things that you can remember about the year 2020 and the things that your were thankful for, then find a piece of paper and write those things down you can ask a grown up to help you.  If you have pictures of those times perhaps you could stick them on to your piece of paper too.  You may even have so many lovely positive moments or memories that you could make a little 2020 year book or scrapbook filled with all the lovely things you did.  I know one of mine would be all the beautiful walks I went on and how I was able to spend lots of time with my family.

There was a lot of positive news for our wildlife and our planet too, check out the WWF website to find out all the great things that happened in 2020 at this link  https://www.wwf.org.uk/how-we-made-difference-2020

New Year Resolutions

At new year a popular tradition is to make new year resolutions.

What are new year resolutions?

A new year resolution is similar to a promise and it is made at the beginning of a new year.

Maybe you could make some new year resolutions, make it into a poster, decorate it and then put it somewhere where you can see it perhaps on the fridge or a wall.

Popular new year resolutions are…

  • exercise more
  • eat more healthy food like fruit and veggies.
  • donate to charity.
  • do random acts of kindness.
  • help the planet by recycling more.

You may have some personal goals you wish to achieve, you can tick these off as you accomplish them, here are some examples….

  • write your name
  • count past 10 or 15 or 20….
  • ride a bike without stabilisers
  • get dressed by yourself

These are just a few ideas but I bet you have plenty of your own.

Below are some ideas about how you could present your new years resolutions or your ‘goals’ for 2021.

Lets go on a winter sensory walk

So it is now well and truly winter, the days are shorter (it gets dark earlier) and we need our coats, hats and scarves because it’s pretty cold out there!  But as long as we wrap up nice and warm we can have so much fun going on a walk and using all our senses!

What are our senses?

Well we actually have 5 senses and they are…

  1. Nose – what can you smell?
  2. Ears – what can you hear?
  3. Touch – what can you feel?
  4. Eyes – what can you see?
  5. Taste – this one maybe a bit tricky on a walk as we should never put anything in our mouths but when you get home perhaps your grown up may be able to give you something to taste, for example a nice warm drink or some soup, Mmmmmm yummy!


If for any reason you couldn’t get out for a walk how about getting wrapped up and going into your garden or on your balcony or maybe you could listen to the music below.  It’s by a composer called Vivaldi and this is Winter from his piece of music called The Four Seasons.  You can either gently close your eyes and just listen to the music and see how it makes you feel or you can watch the beautiful winter scenes!  Perhaps it may make you want to dance?

Winter by Vivaldi

Yoga Time

Okay my little Namaste Warriors it’s time to do some fabulously fun winter yoga!  Now this is my favourite thing to do with you all and I’m really missing it, you are all getting so good at all the poses and your balancing is just amazing! I really wish I could be doing this with you but as I can’t I have sent you the link below so you can do your yoga with my friend Jaime from Cosmic Kids instead, she is just brilliant.  Enjoy!

and now breathe…..

Remember our ‘hot cocoa’ breath?  How about giving it a try now?  It’s one of my favourite breathing exercises to do, probably because I do love a hot chocolate!!  Put on the squirty cream, marshmallows and don’t forget the sprinkles, then 3 big sips….any left….then drink it all up!!

Calming Down Time

Ok nursery it’s time to get all nice and snuggly with our wonderful winter wonderland themed story meditation called The Fairy Snow Queen.  You may want to listen to this snuggled up in a warm comfy blanket, in a little den you’ve made or just before you go to sleep when you’re safely tucked up in your bed.

Time for me to go now little ones.

We hope you and your families stay safe and well and we all look forward to seeing you soon.


Mrs Mitzman, Mrs Howe, Mrs Hill, Mrs Bence and Mrs Bain