Mindful Monday 8th June 2020

Hello everyone,

Welcome back to Mindful Monday!

There is a book I used to love to read when I was little, it was called Peter Pan and it was written by an author called J M Barrie.  I guess that Walt Disney loved the story too as he made it into a film.  Have you seen it?  There are quite a few different versions but my favourite is the animated version.

Sing-a-Long Time

All you need to do is think of the happiest things and it’s the same as having wings!

Have a listen to this happy song called ‘You Can Fly’ from the animated version of the film, keep an eye out for the dog, he is just so cute, oh and of course our little pixie friend Tinkerbell!  Get ready to fly everyone……


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Activity time!

Have you ever tried making some pixie dust?

Here is an activity you can try.  Pixie’s and fairies love ‘natural’ glitter as it doesn’t hurt the animals, fish or the environment so here are some recipes for eco-friendly pixie/fairy dust for you to make.

Don't give up the sparkles yet! Making your own glitter is a fabulous eco-friendly alternative to traditional glitter. It is kid safe, low waste, cheap and easClick on the link below for how to make this!


You could also try using these ideas below then just pop them all into a recycled bottle and scatter away outside without harming your environment.

Rainbow oats - how to dye oats for sensory play from And Next Comes L


Here are some other ideas for pixie dust, they have used petals, dandelion seeds, moss, pine cones and ‘helicopter’ seeds.  Can you think of any other natural materials that you could use to make your dust?

DIY Biodegradable glitter - so pretty!    #glitter #diyglitter #ecofriendlyglitter #biodegradableglitter

How about making your own fairy wands you could make 3 wishes with your fairy wands.  The website below shows you how to make different fairy wands including an edible one made out of fruit so not only can you make your wishes you then get to eat your wand afterwards yum yum!


3 fairy wands for kids to make

Once you’ve made your wand how about making 3 special wishes?

Sometimes we take things for granted but we are all very lucky really and remembering that will help stop us getting upset or angry over the silly things, lets remember what we are thankful for and make 3 lovely wishes, here’s how….

  1.  Make a wish for yourself.  It can be anything you can dream of, mine is to one day go on a safari and get to see an elephant in its real habitat, elephants are my favourite animal so it would make me really happy!
  2. Make a wish for someone you know.  Is there anyone you know who needs you to send them some positive thoughts?  Maybe a friend or family member?  I had a friend who was in a dancing competition recently and they were very nervous about it, so I sent them a wish and they were so pleased, they said it had made them feel so much better.
  3. Make a wish for the world.  What would you like to change in the world?  If you think positive thoughts about this wish positive changes will start to happen.

Maybe you could make a wishing tree or a wishing jar?

How about making your own Tinkerbell like the one’s below, we have already seen some of your pictures of fairies and pixies and we love them all please keep sending them in.

  Creative, free project to do on our days in the park. Create, photograph, leave for someone else and move on to play elsewhere!


Peter Pan, Pirates and the Lost Boys!

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys were always on the look out for that naughty Captain Hook and his men!  Sometimes the pirates would make them walk the plank. Why not make your own plank to walk on?

...  several of the kids walked (or ran) the plank several times. Description from notyournormalsteam.wordpress.com. I searched for this on bing.com/imagesPirate Birthday Party walk the plank game - 5M Creations BlogWalk the Plank game -- Peter Pan party


Pirates love hunting for treasure.  Make a treasure box to keep your treasure in, you could fill it with things that make you smile, pictures of your family or friends, you may find things on one of your walks like a feather or a special stone that you could put in your treasure box or how about some little notes from your family or tickets from the theatre or football matches that you have been to.  Maybe cut out some pictures from magazines of things that you like and stick them all over your treasure box or maybe add some stickers?  Your treasure box could be made out of an old shoe box, and ice cream tub or an empty egg box like the one below.  It’s nice to look through your treasure box and remember all these lovely things, especially if you are feeling a little sad, just look through your treasure box and it will make you smile!

Captain Hooks Pirate Ship

I have seen some lovely pictures of Nursery children making little boats, thank you so much for sending them in, it’s lovely seeing all your different ideas.  I know Mrs Howe gave some suggestions in an earlier blog about making boats, here are some that I found too.

 Such a simple and beautiful activity: experimenting with bark boats.

Making a Map

Just so that you don’t get lost when you visit Neverland why not make your own map of what you think Neverland would be like, here are some ideas below…

pirate map activity copyHow to make a map for the treasure hunt


Peter Pan Yoga

So how about learning to fly with The Disney Family, Peter Pan style, have a go below….

Quiet Time

So now it’s time to get comfy and cosy with me and a beautiful Peter Pan mindful story all about flying it’s from a book from Relax Kids by Marneta Viegas.  Please click on the link below…


Well this Tinkerbell has to fly off now so that’s it for another week but I will be back next Monday for some more mindful activities for you.

Stay well and safe everyone,

Sending you much love from,

Mrs Mitzman and all your Nursery teachers xxx