Mindful Monday – Plant a seed in our positive thought garden

Hello everyone,

This week we are planting some positive thoughts in our garden.  How wonderful it will be to watch them grow!  When we plant seeds they grow into plants.  Could we do the same with positive thinking?  What positive thought would you plant in your positivity garden?  Plants need water, sun and food (soil) to grow.  We look after our garden by making sure they have all the things they need to thrive.  How would you ‘tend’ your positive thought seedling?

Find a stone and paint something on it to represent your positive thought.  Plant it in a pot or in the ground or leave it in a special place where you can see it where you can remember to give it all the things it will need to grow.  How will you tend a kindness thought?  Will you compliment someone or offer to make your bed?  How would you tend a ‘can do’ seedling?  Would you try to tackle a new challenge like riding your bike with only 2 wheels?  Or maybe you’d learn a new sound in phonics?   Can you feel that thought growning ‘inside’ you, does it feel good?  You could be very clever and plant real plants/bulbs to symbolise feelings.

Here is a list of fun uplifting music that always puts a spring into my step.

What words can you use to describe how it makes you feel?  Do they make you feel energetic, mellow, excited, sad, happy?  Which one is your favourite and why?  Make your own garden playlist; what would be on yours?

Try these Mindfulness activities when you next go outside.

  1. Rub soil between your fingers
    Finely rub soil between your fingers and palms of your hands.  Do this several times.  Not only does it prepare your soil for planting seeds but it’s a very soothing activity.
  2. Think about your body
    When you’re outside digging a hole, pulling up weeds or just sitting and soaking up the sun, think about what muscles your using and the effect of this exercise on your body.
  3. Mindful eating
    Look at some recipes and think about how you might eat the food your growing.  Anticipation is half the fun.


Try these yoga poses…how do they make you feel?

Yoga for Kids: Garden Themed Yoga Complete With Printable Poster

You may enjoy this music when practicing your yoga.


Until next time, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your noggins (brains) on for good learning.

Take care and stay safe, 

Love from the Nursery and Reception Teams xxx