Mindful Monday – Superheroes!

Did you know that even superheroes can get scared, anxious or worried and when they do they strike their special superhero pose check out the PDF below for how they do it..

Perhaps you could send us some pictures of you in your pose, we could put them up in our Zen Garden at Nursery?



Have you tried making your own superhero with your very own special powers, here is mine below.  Her name is Mystify and her super power is love and kindness, it showers out of her bun like glitter.  Her boots are super springy and speedy so that she can get to places really fast.  She is always on the look out for people who need a little bit of love and kindness in their lives!

Your feelings are always changing so sometimes your superhero powers may need to change too.  Sometimes it may be courage or confidence that you need or sometimes it maybe kindness, love, peace or calm?  It’s completely up to you and how you are feeling in that moment.


Click the link below to take you to the Cosmic Kids website to make your very own superhero mask.  If you don’t have a printer don’t worry you can make your own using just a piece of paper or card or you could even make one out of a piece of material.  Also find out what your superhero name would be using Jaime’s Superhero name chart.


Get Active

Spiderman Yoga Adventure with Jaime


Here is a Peace Out Meditation for when you have completed your superhero mission and are ready to have a rest….

Superhero Flying Meditation

Ok well I must fly as Mystify needs to go on a mission of love and kindness.  As always we love seeing pictures of what you have been doing and everyone at Nursery is so proud of you and your grown ups for working so hard.  Keep up the challenge Superheroes!


Mrs Mitzman, Mrs Howe, Mrs Hill, Mrs Bain, Mrs Bence xx