Mindful Mondays

This half term Year 2 will be learning about, designing and making vehicles during our Mindful Mondays sessions.

We learned out about Kiichiro Toyoda who founded the Toyota Motor Corporation and spent time identifying the parts on toy vehicles and exploring how they move.

We were particularly interested in exploring the Toyota kids website where we found an interesting video showing production of the cars in action. Take a look here – https://www.toyota.co.jp/en/kids/

The children were interested to find out that vehicles need wheels and axles to move and decided that in order to work effectively wheels and axles should be ‘stable and strong’ and ‘move in a straight line’.  They loved using a variety of equipment to test out different ways to make wheels and axles and used Seesaw to record their work by videoing them in action and then speaking over the top to evaluate them against the design criteria.

Look at all the different materials they used. Which one do you think fits the design criteria best?