Mrs Slight’s VE Day Menu (with the help of Lottie, Libby and Matilda)

Friday morning in the Slight house will be go, go, go. My three girls and I will be cooking and creating so we are all able to sit and enjoy the VE Day celebrations. All these recipes are nice and simple and you might already have most of the items in your cupboard at home.

Make sure you have a grown up with you when you are in the kitchen and always help to clear up after.

Are you able to create your own menu so other people in your group know what you are having?


Make some simple cupcakes and decorate with red white and blue icing or sprinkles

Victoria Sponge

A traditional Victoria Sponge with jam makes a very pretty centre decoration

Jam Tarts

Short crust pastry willed with your favourite flavoured jam

or you can just get some ready rolled shortcrust pastry and line a cupcake tin, fill with yummy jam.


Scones with clotted cream and jam are so very English

Follow Matilda Ramsay as she makes scones:


Make your favourite sandwich or try one of these; egg, cucumber or tuna. Cut into fingers, don’t forget, cut the crusts off, just this once!!

Sausage rolls

Squeeze out the meat form 6 sausages, get some ready rolled puff pastry and put the sausage meat along one edge and just roll it up.

Cheese and marmite sausage rolls

Lay some ready rolled puff pastry out, cover with marmite and grated cheese. Roll up and cut into thin slices. Pop in the oven

Homemade Lemonade

Mix the juice of 6 lemons to a jug of water

Add 150g caster sugar and stir for the prefect Cloudy Lemonade.


Sit back on a rug in the garden or clear a space in the front room and enjoy this lovely picnic while celebrating VE Day.

Send some pictures in of your yummy creations, I will add ours and pictures from our day next week.