In Year 2 we have been learning about myths. In our classes we learnt the story ‘Why Elephant Has a Trunk’. We worked hard in a team to make sure that everyone knew all the words and actions.

Once we were confident to tell the story about Elephant, we decided to change the story so it had our class animals in. Bear’s story was called ‘Why Bear Has a Short Tail’ and Giraffe’s was ‘Why Giraffe Has a Long Neck’. We enjoyed coming up with different problems for the stories and sharing our ideas with our friends.

To end our English learning about myths, we have been writing our own myth about an animal of our choice. Look at some of our fantastic work.




How you can support your child at home

  • Read stories together – talk about the events, were there any problems in the story?
  • Make up stories together with your child – take it in turns to come up with a sentence each.