Nature Art

Hi Year One!

I have been out and about with my family recently, enjoying the return of the good weather.  It’s amazing how many lovely places there are to walk to right on our doorsteps.  We are so lucky to live in such a beautiful part of the world where we have woods, rivers, lanes and fields to explore.  These are a few photos from some of my family walks:

While we have been out walking we have started to really notice all the lovely plants, animals, insects and birds.  My children have been collecting leaves, petals, flowers and twigs they find and bringing them home to have some fun with.

Why don’t you collect some natural ‘bits and pieces’ next time you go for a walk and see what you can create from them?  It’s a good idea to take a bag with you to put your collection in.

Here are just a few ideas to get you started…

The zoos have reopened this week.  Can you make an animal, like this lovely lion made by some clever friends of ours, from natural objects?

How about using an interesting twig to do some weaving?

Or maybe you could draw round some leaves you find and decorate your picture with colourful pens and pencils like my children have here:

If you are interested in artists and how they create different works of art, have a look at Andy Goldsworthy’s amazing natural art work.  He uses a variety of natural materials to create absolutely fantastic sculptures.  Take a look at the colours and patterns in his work to provide you with some inspiration.


Enjoy creating some amazing masterpieces!

Love Mrs. Goodwin x