Oliver Who Would Not Sleep by Mara Bergman

Hello everyone!

This week’s story is about a little boy named Oliver who simply wouldn’t go to sleep!  The author is Mara Bergman and it was illustrated by Nick Maland.  Listen to the story with me.


Oliver Who Would Not Sleep: Amazon.co.uk: Bergman, Mara, Maland, Nick: 9780340893296: Books

It’s really important to get enough sleep when you’re little.  While you sleep your body is growing and your brain is busy remembering what you learned all day.  At night time your brain puts that information away in your memory so you can use it again when you need to.  When you don’t get enough sleep your body can’t grow and your brain can’t help you to do good thinking and learning.   So it’s REALLY important to do get lots of sleep when it’s bedtime.

How do you get ready for bed?  Having a bedtime routine is as important as having a routine at school.  One super way of getting ready for bed is having a bath and a story.  It helps you to relax.  Having quiet time an hour before bedtime is the best way for you to start to unwind, get mellow, feel calm like we do when we breathe with Genie on Monday mornings.  Bath time is a great time to chat about the day to your Mummy’s and Daddy’s.  Watching too much television or tablet screen time will get you over excited and will make it hard to sleep and definitely not before bedtime!  Sharing books is with your family  a much better way of calming ourselves for sleeping and can be a lovely, snuggily time.

Until next time, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your noggins (brains) on for good learning.

Take care and stay safe,

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