Our First Week in Nursery!

Hello Parents, Carers and of course children,

It’s been a busy week!!  We hope that you’ve enjoyed your first few days at Nursery.  All the teachers have been so very excited to have the children back. There were surprisingly few tears considering our last few months, which dried up quickly, particularly when they saw the variety of different toys and activities to play with.  There were even a couple of children who wanted to stay and play when it was time to go home! The photos are just a sampling of the many things we have done.

All the Nursery staff would like to express their appreciation for the support that you’ve given.  We know how hard it can be adjusting to new things. To support you,  we will be providing lots of useful information and sharing some ideas for you to try at home.  There will be so many more photos of what the children have been doing to share in the coming weeks and months so keep checking back on the blog.  We will continue the theme of Mindfulness activities and a story to share with the children.  Hopefully, it will be you (not just the kids) who’ll be making a cup of tea after all the playing and learning.  Thank you again for your support.

Take care and stay safe,

The Nursery Team