Our last week in Nursery

Hi Everyone!

The Nursery Team can’t quite believe it’s the last week of term. This week we have had lots of fun playing; from bug hunts up in the woods, to playing with our friends in class and even having a go on the fab slide (the grown-ups even had a go!).

It’s been a lovely end to the Term. The children have put together their own Playlist of their favourite songs! Have a groove around your kitchen or ask the children what’s their favourite song.  The adults in class  love how much they love their music! We hope you like our lovely key-rings that we made – we had such fun doing them ourselves!

To those children moving into Reception – you are going to have so much fun learning even more amazing skills than you already have – and to those remaining with us in Nursery – it’s going to be another fantastic year!

A-Year-in-Nursery.pdf (33 downloads)


Nursery-Music-Playlist.pdf (24 downloads)


Take care, stay safe and make sure you do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your noggins (brains) on for good learning – it’s all around us!

Have a wonderful summer,

Mrs. Howe, Mrs. Bain, Mrs. Mitzman, Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Bence