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Whole School Activities

  • Pilates Workout – Session 6

    This is our last of the 6 complimentary Pilates sessions we have provided for you during lockdown. We hope you have enjoyed these classes and it has helped to support your wellbeing during these difficult times.
    We cannot wait to see you all this week. ☺️
    Access Passcode: C9Nq!2F%
  • Socks in the Box Champions

    We have loved seeing you all have so much fun in this week’s challenge.

    The champions are…

    Year 2: Raiden, Mason and Chloe

    Year 1: Emelie, Douglas and Lunan

    We would like to say a huge well done to everyone who took part in the PE challenges and weekly workouts. You are all amazing!

  • Pilates Workout – Session 5

    Enjoy this complimentary Pilates session from the team at Merry Hill

    Access Passcode: ?zN8q7m.
  • Final Weekly Workout

  • Amy Cordina Singing – Session 7

    Five Speckled Frog

    Into the Unknown

  • Fast Feet Champions

    We have loved seeing so many of you take part in this week’s PE challenge. We saw lots of careful dribbling and great co-ordination!

    This week’s champions are…

    Year 2- Isobel, Krisha and Vadehi

    Year 1- Myla, Ralph and Muhammad

    Reception- Aidan, Benji and Kian

    Nursery- Timotei

    As the weather gets warm there are lots of opportunities to get outside and keep active. You could go for a walk, play on your bike or scooter or create your own obstacle course in the garden! Our final challenge will be uploaded to Seesaw on Monday at 9 am in addition to our weekly workout which will be posted on the blog.

    Have a fantastic weekend!



  • Virtual Tours – Week 6


    The English Heritage site boasts an official virtual tour that offers 360-degree views as if you were standing in the middle of the mysterious stone circle. It is interactive, so you can click on specific points and learn more about the history, without missing out on highlights that a guided tour would have pointed out.

    To enjoy this amazing landmark just click on the photo for the link.

  • Amy Corinda Singing – Session 6

    Row Your Boat


  • Superhero weekly workout

  • Virtual Tours – Week 5

    Click on the photo to tour the rooms and wings of the National Gallery in London.

    You can even zoom in on the artwork to see some of the highlights (and no need to face the crowds of visitors which usually flock here).

  • Pilates Workout – Session 4


    Make some time for you. Enjoy this complimentary Pilates session from us to you.

    Access Passcode: 87@fSWV!

  • Valentine’s Day Fitness Challenge

    A local fitness coach has created an exercise challenge for Valentine’s Day.  Feel free to join in and spot the Valentines posters dotted along the route.  Click the link below to view the map.

  • Climb the mountain champions

    Well done to everyone who took part in this week’s challenge. We have loved seeing you all get involved and most importantly get active!

    The champions this week are…

    Year 2 – Philip, Krisha and Leo

    Year 1- Isla, Bradley and Harriet

    Reception- Ella, Emma and Handy

    Nursery- Jack, Isla and Alanna

    The next challenge will be announced on Seesaw/Tapestry on Monday 22nd February at 9 am.

    Have a fantastic half term!


  • Virtual Tours – Week 4

    Click on the photo to explore Buckingham Palace. The first tour will take you to the Grand Staircase with further tours of the White Drawing Room, the Throne Room and the Blue Drawing Room.



    Around the World with Miss Choudhry

    Welcome back! We hope you had a blast travelling around the colourful cities of Morocco. Today is the start of the Chinese New Year, so we thought you would like to visit China! Get ready to join the festival with a history video and some very fun arts and crafts. Safe travels!

  • Chinese New Year

    Today is the start of the Chinese New Year.  Please see the wonderful videos below created by Suet, a friend of Mrs Howe, that give a great introduction into the Chinese New Year celebrations and the meaning behind them.