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Year 1

  • Senses Poetry

    In English we have been exploring poetry, in particular senses poetry following on from our learning in Science.

    We started by reading and performing the poem ‘In This Room’ by Pie Corbett. We discussed how the poet Pie Corbett used adjectives (describing words) to add detail to his poetry.  Next we started planning our own poems. We decided to use our senses to describes the autumnal changes outside in the playground. First we discussed and spotted different signs of Autumn. Then we used our senses to describe these changes. Lots of adjectives were used to bring our writing to life!

    What you can do at home:

    Look around your house or go on a walk. Using your senses and describing words (adjectives), what can you see, hear, smell and feel?

    Repeat this when the season changes from Autumn to Winter. What differences do you notice? Has anything stayed the same?

  • Time Travelling with Toys

    We have been looking at the Victorian period in History, in particular Victorian toys!

    We began by comparing toys from the Victorian time period to the toys we play with today. We noticed lots of differences. For example, new toys are bright and colourful compared to toys from the Victorian times which were typically duller and made out of wood.

    Next, we traveled back in time and played like Victorian children. The only items we could use were chalk, skipping ropes and the hop scotch. Some of us loved playing with the chalk and skipping ropes. But others found it boring as there was not much choice.

    Then we wrote the instructions to make our own Victorian toy. We could chose either a cup and ball or a peg doll, both very popular wit children our age in the Victorian times. Once our instructions were finished we began creating. We worked as a team to help each other and completed most things independently.

    How you can help at home:

    Using the cup and ball you made in school, or make another one, have a competition to see who can get the ball in the cup the most times in 30 seconds.


  • Part Part Whole Maths

    This week in Year One we have been regrouping using Part Part Whole models.

    We then extended this by writing the addition number sentences for the parts and the whole.

    We took our learning outside and used natural resources to help create our part part whole models.

    How you can help at home:

    • Go on a walk and forage for natural materials. Sort into two groups and discuss how the two parts make one whole number. Can you use a stick on the ground to write your number sentence, in mud?




  • Keeping Active!

    Looking after our minds and our bodies is essential for feeling happy and ready to learn.

    We have been enjoying ‘active breaks’ throughout the school day, to give our bodies a chance to move and our minds time to regain focus.

    There are lots of great websites you can access at home too.

    Just Dance- Youtube search

    How you can help at home:

    • Create your own dance routine and perform it to a family member.
    • Build your own obstacle course around your house or garden. Who can do it in the quickest time? Use a stopwatch and your ordinal numbers to discuss the results.


  • Explore Year One

    To discover more about your child’s class please watch the video below:

  • Peace at Last by Lions and Panthers


    In English we are learning to change the learnt story of ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy. Last week we created a class version of the story, changing our whole class story map. Both Lion class and Panther class changed the Bear family to a Fox Family. We even went one step further and changed locations!

    This week the children have independently created their own versions of ‘Peace at Last’. We worked together to think of lots of character and location ideas- it was very creative! Then the children got to work editing their story maps.  Some children changed their family to a family of Trolls, Godzillas, Unicorns and Siberian Huskies! It was so lovely to see the children’s interests flourish.

    Here are some examples of their story maps:

    Once the planning was done, we started writing!

    We are very excited to finish our stories this week.

    How You Can Help At Home:

    Re-reading a book is great for fluency. Maybe you could take one of your favourite books and change the characters and locations?


  • Cycle to School Week!

    We hope you enjoyed ‘Cycle to School Week’ last week as much as we did!

    Miss Bates also joined you, cycling from Saint Albans.

    We saw so many of you- even the rain didn’t stop us!

    How You Can Help:

    Can you try a new bike route with your family in the local area (this connects to our Geography).

  • Celebrating Good Manners

    We are very excited to welcome back the Merry Hill Manners Table! We are always on the look out for children using good manners. This month we have spotted children in all the classes being polite.

    Crina was chosen to sit on the manners table because she is always helpful around the classroom and always remembers to say please and thank you.

    Raoul visited the manners table because he works well in a team and always helps others around the classroom.

    Stanley was invited to the manners table because he always says please and thank you to all adults and friends.

    River was invited to the manners table because he always comes to the carpet ready to learn and listens carefully when others are speaking, a great member of the team.

    Here is a photo from our manners lunch!

  • Exploring the 5 Senses!

    Following on from their learning about the human body in Science, Year One have been learning about the five senses.

    This week the children investigated different several activities in the classroom to discover and discuss which senses they were using.

    We all had a lot of fun! We tasted lemon, we smelled mint leaves, felt a bumpy pineapple and then wrote a list of adjectives to describe what we were looking at. Finally, we listened to music and enjoyed the melodies.

    How You Can Help At Home:

    • Try a new food and use your senses to describe it (sweet, sour, salty). Think about how it looks and draw a picture.  Go one step further and label your drawing!
    • Use your listening sense to listen to a new piece of music. What different instruments can you hear and discuss with family what you like and dislike about the genre of music (jazz, pop, classical).
  • Peace at Last

    Over the next couple of weeks, in English, we will be learning to recognise and join in with predictable phrases from a familiar text. Our book at the moment is ‘Peace at Last’ by Jill Murphy.

    This week we have started by reading ‘Peace at Last’ and learning the story of Mr Bear- who tries to fall asleep in different places all over the house!

    We have some brilliant actors and actresses in Year One who retold the story with great imagination.  Then we did a Hot Seat task, with the children answering questions from Mr Bear’s point of view.

    How you can help at home:

    • Reenacting ‘ Peace at Last’ with different family members playing the different characters.
    • Go around the house and listen carefully (using one of our senses- our hearing) to

    find out what makes noises around your house. This links to our current learning in Science.


  • Fine Motor Fun

    This term we are continuing the children’s fine motor skills they learnt in Reception, during Fiddly Fingers. We do this first thing every morning, before the register and it is a great chance to get our fingers warmed up and our muscles ready for holding a pencil!

    Some of our activities have been: pre-writing our names in glitter using a paintbrush and then writing on whiteboards, building jigsaw puzzles and threading beads. The detail in this work helps children lengthen the time they are able to concentrate in Year One.

    Keep up with the hard work, Panthers and Lions!

  • Mindfulness Monday

    We begin every week with Mindfulness Monday at Merry Hill.

    Our Mindfulness Monday mornings ensure we a calm start to the day and prepares us for a week of learning. This week, the children were excited to get their brand new sketchbooks. The began by designing their own title page in a style of their choice. One thing we love is this is unique to every child!

    Our next challenge was to draw a still life observation of our school shoes. Both

    Miss Cowley and Miss Bates were impressed by the children’s’ concentration during Mindfulness Monday.

    We look forward to seeing you all develop as artists over the year.