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Year 2

  • Wonderful Work

    Thank you for all your hard work this week.  We have received some fantastic photos of all the work that has been completed.

    We are looking forward to seeing you all at school on Monday.

    The Year 2 Team


  • Palm Sunday

    We are learning about Palm Sunday in RE this week and will be referring to this Powerpoint in the lesson:


    Palm-Sunday-powerpoint.pdf (22 downloads)
  • Commas

    This week we will be learning how to use commas in a list.

    Take a look at this Powerpoint to find out when to use a comma and how to play “Grandmother’s Attic”.

  • Even More Wonderful Work!!!!

    We wanted to share with you some of the wonderful work we have seen this week.  All of the children have been working so hard and we have loved seeing how creative and enthusiastic they have been when completing each task.

    Keep posting your pictures to SeeSaw or emailing us on the class emails directly.

    Enjoy your weekend 🌞

    The Year 2 Team

  • Wild Challenge

    What is Wild Challenge?


    Wild Challenge is a call – to get up, get out and get wild!

    It’s a challenge for you to connect with the natural world in brave new ways – to reach out and touch it and meet it head-on, up-close and personal.

    You can go as quickly or slowly as you like as they have a wide range of activities to suit your needs and location. There’s something to do throughout the year, no matter what the weather brings.

    Click on the link below to find out more and see if you can complete some of the wild challenges like building a bird box or making a hedgehog cafe.


    The Year 2 Team


  • Expanded Noun Phrases

    Hello Year 2

    This week as part of our English instruction writing we will be inventing a character. Expanded noun phrases are good to use when describing a noun. Have a look at this Powerpoint to remind you:


    t-l-53625-year-2-expanded-noun-phrases-warmup-powerpoint_ver_2.pdf (27 downloads)


    We will also be using similes to compare the character to other objects. Have a look at this Powerpoint to find out more:


    T2-E-1431-Similes-and-Adjectives-PowerPoint_ver_1.pdf (17 downloads)
  • Suitability of Materials

    Hello Year 2,

    Here is the PowerPoint for today’s Science lesson.

    Comparing-Suitability-Lesson-Presentation-1.pdf (17 downloads)
  • Chinese New Year

    Hello Year 2Chinese New Year: Pigs, dragons and pandas on England's streets - BBC News

    On Friday it is Chinese New Year.

    Have a look at the PowerPoint below – there are some clips for you to watch. Can you spot the dragon dance at the street parade?

    You might also like to watch Mrs Goodwin’s video on Seesaw to find out a bit more.

    How-Chinese-New-Year-is-celebrated.pdf (28 downloads)
  • Even More Wonderful Work

    Another week filled with fun and fantastic work.  We are so happy to see so many photos of all the activities you have been completing at home.

    Keep posting your work to SeeSaw or emailing it to the class emails.

    We hope you all have an amazing week.

    The Year 2 Team

  • Imperative Verbs

    This week we have been learning to follow instructions and considering what a good set of instructions needs.

    Here Little Miss Bossy takes us through imperative verbs – she is very good at using those.

    19.4.13-Imperative-Bossy-Verbs.pdf (58 downloads)
  • Rainforests

    Have you ever wondered where in the world you would find rainforests? What are the weird and wonderful creatures that live there? Is the rainforest under threat? And what about people – is the rainforest their home too?

    The Conversation’s Curious Kids editor Grace Allen will host an online discussion at 2pm on 4th February 2021. Why don’t you join and see what new and exciting information you can find out.


    The Year 2 Team

  • Leaf Hedgehog



    This week we have been learning to follow instructions. Here are some fun instructions to follow to make a leaf hedgehog. You could swap the leaves for something different that you have around your house such as pasta shapes or gloves.

    Have fun!

    Leaf-Hedgehog-Craft-Instructions-for-blog.pdf (25 downloads)
  • More Marvellous Work

    Again this week we have received lots of amazing photos of work and fun activities that has been completed by Year 2.  We are really enjoying seeing what you have all been up to.  Keep uploading all you’re spectacular achievements to SeeSaw so we can continue to enjoy them as well.

    The Year 2 Team

  • Homophones

    This week in Year 2 we are continuing to think about Tongue Twisters and alliteration but focusing our word choices on homophones.

    Have a look at this Powerpoint to find out more.

    homophones-powerpoint-Mon.ppt (37 downloads)
  • Outdoor Fun


    We have seen some pictures of some amazing creations this weekend.  Keep sending in your photos as we really enjoy seeing them.

    Click on the link below to find  some other activities for you to give a try whilst out playing in your garden or on your local walks.


    The Year 2 Team