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Year 2

  • Pottery

    During our Mindful Monday lessons we are continuing our learning about the artist Clarice Cliff. We found out that Clarice was famous for the designs she painted on to pottery. So we decided we should design and make some pottery using her ideas.

    Over the last few weeks we have experimented with clay and how we can use it to make a pot. We particularly enjoyed rolling out long worms to make the coiled sides and using our fingers to smooth it down at the end.

    We have also been using inspiration from Clarice’s designs to think about how we would like to paint our own pots. We have thought about her use of bright colours and shapes but also thought about how we can make our designs personal to us. Some of us like swimming so we have included some blue wavy patterns on our designs, other like colourful rainbows. Can you work out what each persons likes are from the designs?

    We are currently waiting for our final clay pots to dry before we paint them. We are trying hard to be patient!


    How to Support at Home  

    • Visit an art gallery, or look for art when you are out and about. Can you find out the name of the artist and any facts about them? Look carefully at their work – what do you notice? You might like to think about the  colours, patterns and shapes they have used. Have a go at recreating some of their designs.
    • Use construction equipment, such as Lego, to make  your own pieces of art work. Can you use the colours of the bricks to make a picture or pattern?
    • Experiment using playdough, salt dough or similar. How can you change the shape of your dough? Does it mould in the same way that clay does? Can you use it to make some pottery of your own?
  • Explore Year 2

    To discover more about your child’s class please watch the video below:

  • Mindful Mondays

    Every Monday at Merry Hill we begin our week with a Mindful Monday art lesson. The aim for the children is to begin the week in a positive and creative way. This week in Year 2 we have been looking at the artist Clarice Cliff and her colourful art work.

    We have studied the artist and discussed in depth what we have noticed about her work. We particularly liked the artists use of bright colours and shapes she used to create her designs. Then, we used her artwork to create our own Clarice Cliff inspired designs and annotated our work identifying the features.

    How to help at home: 

    • Ask your child if they remember who Clarice Cliff is and if they can draw you a piece that looks like her artwork.
    • Do you know of an artist that you would like to share with your child? Ask them to identify the key characteristics of this artist’s work. Can they create their own inspired artwork?


  • Manners Lunch

    At Merry Hill we are always on the look out for children using good manners. This month we have spotted children in all the classes being polite.

    Alice was chosen to sit on the manners table because she is always helpful around the classroom and often helps her friends when they are in need.

    Sean visited the manners table because he has been trying really hard to be patient when waiting to talk to an adult. He says their name once and then waits until they are free before speaking to them.

    Lola was chosen for the manners table because she always shows good listening and waiting during carpet time. She is always waiting with her hand up and remembers to say please and thank you.

    Theo was invited to the manners table because he has been noticed by a number of adults for his good manners to grown ups.

    Here are some photos from our manners lunch.

    We can’t wait for next months manners table and are all trying really hard to make sure we are always polite.





  • This week in English

    This week in English we have been learning to retell the Pumpkin Soup story.

    We are now able to retell the full story using last week’s story map actions to help. We are now very good at remembering this and have enjoyed acting out making some pumpkin soup. We also have used our previous learning to construct sentences including our Kung Fu punctuation!

    Then, we have even paired up to record each other on Seesaw retelling the story. We enjoyed this a lot! Check out the Seesaw account to see your child’s post.

    How to help at home:

    • Ask your child to spot the Kung Fu punctuation in their reading books. Can they identify a capital letter, comma and full stop?
    • Can they retell a favourite traditional tale?
  • Popcorn!

    This week in science we have been recapping some of our learning from Year 1.

    We recapped the 5 senses and luckily we could still remember them all.

    Our favourite part of the lesson was using our senses when cooking and eating popcorn.

    First we listened to the popcorn being poured in to the pot, we thought it sounded ‘loud’ and a bit like it was ‘plopping into the pot’. It didn’t have any smell yet.

    Then we put the popcorn into the microwave. We had to listen carefully and use our noses to make sure we noticed any smell. It was very exciting listening to the popcorn ‘pop’ and ‘bang’ in the microwave. We soon noticed that it began to smell sweet and buttery too.

    Once it had finished popping in the microwave we used our eyes to look at it. We thought it looked ‘fluffy like clouds’ and ‘bumpy’.

    Eventually our teachers said we could touch and eat the popcorn. It felt ‘soft’ and ‘bouncy’ and it tasted ‘delicious’!


    How to support at home

    • When eating different foods come up with words to describe how they look, feel, smell and taste. Use words such as bitter and sweet.
    • When cooking or out and about listen for different noises. What is making the noise? How could you describe it?
  • English – Pumpkin Soup

    We have had a fun learning journey this week in Year 2.

    In English, we have been learning to retell a story called Pumpkin Soup.  It has been exciting to read the adventures of the bag-piping Cat, the banjo playing Squirrel and the small singing Duck who all love to stir the pumpkin soup. We even went on a scavenger hunt around the classroom for the ingredients! Each day, we have learnt a new part of the story and have been learning that a story is split into a beginning, middle and end. We have been very good at learning it through our actions, which has been helping us to remember what happens.

    How to help at home

    • Let’s see if we can remember Pumpkin Soup – ask your child if they can retell the story to you using the story map actions.
    • When reading other stories at home ask your child to think about where is the beginning of the story, what happens in the middle and is there a resolution in the ending.


  • Jigsaw

    This week in Jigsaw we spent some time thinking about what it is like to be in Year 2.

    We started off with a game, we all got given a number and we had to find the others with the same number. We weren’t allowed to use our voices which made it quite tricky!

    Then we all sat in a circle with Jigsaw Jo. We thought about the worries Jo might have about being in Year 2 and worked together to come up with ways to help with them. We thought that we could also use our helpful ideas if we ever noticed that one of our friends had a worry.

    We we finished off with a story about worries. The story taught us that sharing our worries with others can help us to feel better.


    How to to help at home 

    • Talk about times when family members have felt worried and what they did to help them feel better.
      • Visit the library and see if you can find any more books about worries or sharing our feelings.
    • Use the Zones of Regulation at home to encourage your child to talk about how they feel, triggers that put them in each zone and tools to help them get to green. More information can be found here


  • Our First Week

    We have had a very busy first week in Year 2.

    We have been learning about the Golden Rules and thinking about how rules are helpful to us.

    We have spent lots of time reminding ourselves about the Zones of Regulation and have been learning about what it means to be able to self regulate. We are good at identifying when we might be in each of the zones and have been practising different tools to help us move between the zones when we want to. We know that it is ok to be in any zone but that the green zone is good to be in when we are learning.

    In Maths we have enjoyed playing games with partners and have been trying really hard to take turns. We have been practising making 10 in different ways and when adding numbers we have been working hard to hold the starting number in our head and then count on. We have also been playing on the Numbots app, and have been excited to move up through the levels collecting coins and stars.

    In Science we have been thinking about the different foods we like to eat. We did a survey and found out that Bear classes favourite food is chocolate cake and Giraffe’s is ________. We agreed that even though these might be our favourite foods we shouldn’t eat them all the time.

    We can’t wait for another fun filled week in Year 2 next week.



  • Welcome to Year 2

    Welcome to the Year 2 blog page.

    We have had a fantastic first few days getting to know you all and are so pleased to have you in Bears and Giraffes with us. We can’t wait to have lots of fun this year and to watch you grow and learn.

    Here we are in our new classrooms.