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  • Mrs Bence’s Whale Facts

  • Dear Greenpeace by Simon James

    Hello children,

    Today’s story is another favourite of mine.  I discovered it a long time ago when my children were little.  It’s a story that always makes me feel really happy when I read it.   It’s called Dear Greenpeace and the author is Simon James.         He also wrote another book you recently read.  Do you remember the title?

    Dear Greenpeace

    You may not know who Greenpeace is.  They’re a group of people who try really hard to make sure that other people are kind to animals and treat them with respect.  They are very famous and work all over the world.

    I still can’t quite figure out how a huge whale got into the little girl’s pond.  I’ve done some research and I think I’ve found a possible explanation.  Look at this video and see what you think.

    Whales are  magnificent creatures.  Did you know they can ‘talk’ to each other under water?  That’s pretty cool and something we humans wouldn’t be able to do no matter how hard we tried!  Listen to their  songs.  It is very relaxing and can even help you to sleep.

    I know some of you have pets.  What do you have to do to feed them and make sure they are really well looked after?  Do you think that Emily is looking after Arthur well?  She’s been investigating to make sure that she does the right things when looking after her whale.  She learns a lot of things about these enormous animals.

    What do you know about your pet?  Could you make a list?  What  about making a timetable/schedule  of things you need to do to look after your pet?  For instance, at 8:30 we feed our pet, at 9:00 we walk our pet/clean their cage, etc .  It’s important that pets and us humans have routines.

    Think about your routine in Nursery and what we did during the day.   Compare it to your new Reception timetable in September.  There are many things that are the same and most things are pretty similar.  What’s your opinion?

    Until next time, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your brains on for good learning.

    Take care and stay safe,

    Mrs Howe

  • Mindful Monday

    Hello Everyone, today Mindful Monday is all about the wonderful outdoors! Hooray my happy place – is it yours too?

    The natural world is like a best friend, it helps us when we have a worry or when we feel anxious, it helps us clear our minds of thoughts we don’t want anymore and helps keep us healthy!  Now that’s what I call a BFF!

    Story Time

    Here is a true story based on a lady called Katherine Olivia Sessions also known as The Tree Lady, enjoy…..

    Click on the link below for information about Balboa Park in San Diego.  Do you know what country San Diego is in?  See if you can find out and I’ll tell you at the end!

    As you know one of our Mini Explorer motto’s is ‘don’t hurt a tree, hug a tree’!  Try giving a tree a hug and see how you feel after!

    Outdoor Activities

    1. Sit Spots
    • A sit spot is a place to stop and sit.
    • Anywhere can be a sit spot, a log, leaning on a tree trunk, a place along a river bank, a bench in a park, or a field or garden.
    • Choose your own special sit spot, somewhere you can come back to regularly and sit in again and again.
    • Sit down, get comfortable, and wait.
    • The more time you spend in your sit spot, the more you will notice about your surroundings.
    • Repeat your sit spot meditation at different times of day and at different times of year, in different weathers, and when you are in different moods. You’ll notice all sorts of things!
    • By returning to the same sit spot over time you might observe:
        • the changing seasons
        • the changing textures
        • new growth
        • new decay
        • new animals 
        • smaller things
        • tiny things
        • things you have previously overlooked
    • You may want to write things down or draw pictures of what you have seen.


    2. Go on a mindful walk

    Click on the link below for some fun ways to be mindful on your walks…

    Here are some more ideas for a mindful walk….

    Journey Sticks

    Memento Stick~Tutorial how to make a journey stick with children on a nature walk: a great activity for children to learn about nature and their environment.

    3. Mandala Art  

    Mandala is a Sanskrit word that means ‘circle’, here are some pictures below.  It would be great if you could make your own and if you want to take a picture and send your amazing work to us at nursery using the nursery email address, we would love to see them.

     Grüne Land Art Kunst , Anleitung zur Grünen Land Art Kunstthis kindergarten life: beautiful mandala on a tree stump (",)

    4. Bark rubbing

    How about trying some bark rubbing? Perhaps you can find out what tree it is too and make a little collection in a book like the one below?  Then when you’re finished why not give the tree a hug!!

    Tree rubbings are a nature activity that aids the children to explore different textures of bark and learning names of trees.Leaf and bark rubbing journal - nature art and hands-on science | momgineer

    5. Make a sundial

    See if you can tell the time by using your sundial.  People used to use this method a long time ago before clocks and watches were invented!


    One of my favourite sit spots is in our very own forest at school. I like to sit by the frog pond to see if I can see or hear anything.  I have seen lots of different types of bugs and birds but I haven’t seen any frogs yet. I think maybe I will need to go back to my sit spot at a different time of year, or maybe a different time of day to see a frog?  Here are some fun froggie activities for you!

    Sing-a-long with Mr Tumble

    Join in with Jaime below, you may find it a little tricky to start with but with practice you will get better and it’s great fun trying!

    Get creating, here are some froggie ideas….


    Get Active

    Try practicing frog pose, we love this one at Nursery and we normally jump up in the air after with a big ‘ribbit’, we make great frogs and can jump really high!!

    No Print Yoga for Kids | Animals by Language Speech and Literacy

    Try learning Sun Salutation with Yoga For Kids below!

    Quiet Time

    Bee Breathing

    Mrs Bence loves to teach us all about how brilliant bees are so here’s how to do buzzy bee breathing…..

    • Sitting comfortably, gently place the tips of your pointer fingers in your ears and close your eyes.
    • Breathe in through your nose and then hum quietly as you slowly breathe out.


    If it helps watch Moose Tube practicing bee breathing below….

    Now you are feeling nice and relaxed its time for our mindful meditation below…

    I look forward to hearing all about your outdoor adventures and remember it doesn’t matter what the weather, there is always something to enjoy outside!

    Weather Quotes - “Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather.” – John Ruskin

    See you next time mindful explorers.

    Lots of love

    Mrs Mitzman and all your nursery teachers xxx

    P.S San Diego is in the state of California in America.  It is on the Pacific coast and has lots of lovely beaches to explore!  I wonder what animals live in the ocean around there…..?

  • Mrs Bence’s Bee Facts 2

  • One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss

    Hello children,

    Thank you for being patient this week.   This is a very big file and Mrs Howe has learned a new skill to be able to share it finally.  I was resilient and persistent!  It’s very, very, very long…

    One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss: 9780394800134 ...

    This week’s story is One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish.  It is a rhyming book by Dr Seuss.  There are some tricky rhymes in the story even though the words are simple.  When you say the words they can muddle up on your tongue and start sounding very funny.  Those sorts of rhymes are called tongue twisters.  Try some out on the link below, it’s fun.  Can you guess why they’re called tongue twisters?  See if you can spot my tongue getting a bit twisted when I was reading and had to say the words very carefully.

    One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Dr. Seuss Craft


    You could try making your own fish using cupcake liners or cut out the shape yourselves from paper.  What shapes will you use to make your fish?  Challenge yourself to use as many as you can.  What do you think a hexagonal fish would look like?  Or what about a rectangular one?



    Could you make a fish out of things around your house? You could use a plastic bottle or the inner tube from kitchen roll.

    Junk modelling competition | Braintree District Council                                Junk Modelling | Dunvegan E4-7 Class Blog

    Lots of different techniques are used here.                    They’ve painted the background first then added the fish using a 3D effectJunk Modelling Challenge | Bridge & Patrixbourne CEP School.  Tissue paper was squished to make the small fish then painted and eyes glued on.  The shark was made using a bigger piece of tissue paper, glued onto the paper and the fin was added using a bit of cardboard which is stronger.  You could really challenge yourself and find even more things to use on your multi-media collage.  The sky’s the limit!

    What about using some play dough?

    PLAYDOUGH Rainbow Fish - Creative Mama

    Could you make a rainbow fish?  Or another interesting pattern on your fish?   

    We’ll be learning more about fish next week when we read a fantastic story about a little girl and what she finds in her pond on evening.  I wonder what it could be?

    Until next time, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your brains on for good learning.

    Take care and stay safe,

    Mrs Howe

  • Mrs Bence’s Bee Facts 1

  • Fire Brigade got busy with bees!

    Mrs Bence got a phone call from the fire brigade a little while ago. They had a tricky problem. A swarm of honey bees had decided that their fire truck was a nice place to stay and rest whilst looking for a new home.

    The ​fire brigade called me to help because they knew I kept beehives.  They needed to use their fire truck in case of emergencies and were worried the bees would get hurt so I sent Mr Bence to save the day…

    He placed a green box underneath the swarm, which would be ​a temporary home for the bees. He then very gently brushed the bees off the handle on to ​a white sheet in front of the green box.

    He looked for the Queen to make sure she was on the sheet, if she wasn’t the others wouldn’t go in the new house. Once the Queen walked up the sheet into the new house they all followed her. 

    We went back later when it was dark to make sure they where all back, safe and in the green box. We closed their door and moved them to a new hive where they are very happy.

    It was a very exciting and beesy day!

    Lots of love

    Mrs Bence

  • Mindful Monday

    "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. That's why they call it the present." - Eleanor Roosevelt

    What is mindfulness?

    • Mindfulness is for everyone, children and grown ups!
    • Being mindful is all about living in the present moment.
    • Being in the present moment means paying attention to what is happening right here and now.
    • Mindfulness is about using your senses to engage with the world around you.


    The story below is called What Does it Mean to be Present? Have a listen and while you are listening think about what things in the story you are already doing that are mindful and what else could you do to be more mindful?


    The children in this video below are from a country called New Zealand, they are going to explain to you all about mindfulness.

    The children in the clip talk about PBS, do you remember what words those three letters stand for?

    • P is for Pause (stop)
    • B is for Breathe
    • S is for Smile

    Why don’t you try it now?  How did it make you feel?

    The 5 Senses

    Mindfulness is about using your five senses to engage with the world around you.

    Can you name all your 5 senses?  Try now and then click on the link below to watch Show Me Show Me’s Mo Mo Bot singing all about your 5 senses.

    So with your senses in mind here are some fun activities that you can do….

    1. Taste

    Below is a tasty Zen Den exercise from Jaime.

    Oh and before you start just to let you know she will ask you to bring a little snack with you, maybe a piece of fruit or a vegetable of your choice…

    Fruity Snacks

    Why not have a go at making some fun fruity snacks like these below and try eating them mindfully.  What flavours can you taste?  What can you smell?  What does it feel like?  What crazy, fun, amazing creations will you come up with?  Feel free to share your pictures or any findings out with us at the nursery email address.

    It can be very challenging getting your kids to eat healthy snacks. My boys have always been picky eaters and making fun snacks has really helped me with getting them to try new and healthy foods. All of these fun fruit ideas are easy to make and your kids will just love them even if [...]The kids are going to go crazy for these adorable animal shaped fruit snacks! This is one way to get them to eat all their fruits (and veggies, if you want to try sneaking some in there). That watermelon monkey and pineapple banana elephant are SO cute!5 Tips to Up Your Kid-Friendly Food Styling Game From Instagram Sensation, @FoodBites | Williams-Sonoma Taste13 Healthy Kids Snacks - Healthy Snacks for Kids - Fruit Ladybugs - Ditch the fruit cup and make this fruity treat in less than five minutes. Head over to for more adorable snacks your kids will love.Watermelon Pizza Dessert Recipe topped with yogurt and fruit toppings. Summer desserts make every BBQ better, especially when it's a fruit pizza! Celebrate Summer Series Practically Functional for TodaysCreativeLife.comEasy Lemon Dip Recipe with Easter Themed Fruit! Fun party food idea for spring, a farm birthday party or Easter.

    2. Touch

    In nursery we have been doing 30 Days Wild in conjunction with The Wildlife Trust, and the very first activity in the Random Act of Wildness cards was to ‘feel the wild between your toes’.  The Wildlife Trust is an amazing charity helping to take care of our wonderful wildlife, if you want to check them out here is the link below.

    Feeling the Wild Between Your Toes

    If it is safe to do so and your grown up says it’s okay, go outside and with your bare feet see how the earth feels beneath them.  Is it hot, cold, wet, dry, crunchy, soft, hard?  How does it make you feel?  Can you think of any other describing words to say how it feels?  Try closing your eyes, can you feel the wind on your face or the warmth of the sun?  Perhaps it’s raining?  How does the rain feel on your skin?

     Playing in the Rain by ddreadkiddBaby dance in rain Wallpapers App for AndroidSand and Sea. Such fun to bury someone in the sand :) Childhood was so simple :)

    3. Smell

    For this activity why not get your family involved and enjoy a game of  ‘The Nose Knows’

    4. Sight

    Make a paper plate magnifying glass like the one below.  What can you see when you put your magnifying glass up close to nature?

    Exploring the sense of sight, one of the five senses, during a nature walk. Part one in the 5 senses series in the blog. Science fun for kidsExploring the sense of sight, how we learn about the five senses,

    Googily Eyes Activity

    • Try this with a family member.
    • Before sitting down, find a flower or plant to use as a “focus flower.”
    • Once you have your flower, sit on the floor with your legs crossed, or on a chair if more comfortable. Rest hands on knees and sit up tall and reach for the sun, (like a flower or plant) but keep your neck and shoulders relaxed.
    • Now close your eyes and take 5 deep breaths.
    • Open your eyes and examine your flowers.
    • Notice the colors, the smell, the intricate lines, and details.  Notice the texture and the overall shape. Does your flower look different when you pay close attention?  Discuss your observations with your grown up.


    Make some fun glasses to use when you are using your super sight sense!

    Too cute!! Toilet Paper Roll Glasses. #upcycle #preschool #kidscrafts #efl #education (repinned by Super Simple Songs)With Easter just around the corner, chances are you’ll soon have some extra egg cartons on your hands. Put them to good use with these simple crafts perfect for kids of all ages. From dump trucks to colorful chicks, keep reading to let the upcycling...

    5. Hear

    Go on a sound scavenger hunt.


    Mrs Howe would play us all different types of music in nursery, such as, jazz, country, blues, classical, why not try choosing a piece of  music to listen to.  What instruments can you hear? How does the music make you feel?  Try closing your eyes to listen.

    Now try making your own musical instruments.


    Mindful Yoga

    Join in with the little monkey below for some calming, mindful yoga.

    Quiet Time

    Hot Cocoa Breathing Exercise

    • Imagine you are holding a nice hot cup of cocoa between your hands
    • Take a deep slow breath in and imagine smelling that lovely sweet chocolate smell (perhaps you have whipped cream, sprinkles or marshmallows on yours)
    • Blow out gently onto your hot cocoa to cool it down
    • Try this 5 times



    Get creative and make your own hot cocoa like this one below.

    I can breathe in ~ my calm down cocoa...good metaphor and breathing imagery

    A senses meditation with Peace Out, yes it’s time to get nice and comfy and relaxed….

    Sending you lots of love,

    Mrs Mitzman and all of your nursery teachers xxx



  • Whatever Next by Jill Murphy

    Hello everyone,

    I’m reading a classic favourite of ours today, Whatever Next by Jill Murphy.  Baby Bear sure does have an adventure with his friend Owl.  Where would you go on an adventure?  Maybe you’d build a submarine and go under the ocean to play with all the fish?  Or else you might want to go to the desert and build an enormous sandcastle?  Anything is possible and you never know whatever’s next!

    Baby gets all the things he needs for his adventure around his house.  Do you have a colander, wellie boots, a box and a teddy?  I bet you could easily make a picnic, today’s the perfect day for a picnic after an adventure.  You’re ready to go to the moon, Blast off!

    Flying Start @ Redruth Explore Space! - Flying Start childcare ...

    I wonder if you could use some of the things you’ve made from other activities like the binoculars to take with you.  You’ll need them if your adventure takes you into the jungle so that you can see all the beautifully coloured birds.  If you go mountain climbing you may need gloves to climb the rocks.  Make a list of the things you’ll need, you can write the sounds or draw a picture?    Please send us a postcard too that you’ve designed.  Let us know where you went and what you did, especially if you had fun.  You might want to take something to draw with on your adventure.  Always be prepared and plan ahead mini explorers!

    Postcard drawing children's, Picture #2363960 postcard drawing ...                    Selective Focus Of Kid Drawing Greeting Postcard For Mother With ...


    Cardboard Tube Rocket Craft Instructions PowerPoint - space

    Here are some ideas for building rockets and doing a few really cool experiments.  You’ll need a grown up and you’ll have to be careful, there’s mighty powerful rocket fuel in those rockets.  Rocket scientists usually have to wear a white lab coat, an old big white shirt should be perfect.  Don’t forget your goggles and gloves too!

    toddler girl pretend play scientist role for homeschooling Stock ...

    Balloon Rocket

    Stick a straw onto the side of a balloon using some sticky tape. The easiest way to do this may be to first blow up the balloon but do not tie it. You then need to thread the straw through a long piece of string. Tie the string from one end of the room to another. You may choose to do this for example from chairs or anywhere you can. You then need to blow up the balloon. You then release the end of the balloon, and as the air leaves the balloon, the pressure causes the balloon to fly along the piece of string. The bigger you blow the balloon, the more pressure is created, and the faster the balloon goes.

    These are only a few ideas and I would love to see how you adapt them.  Send lots of ‘postcards’ of your adventures to our email address.  We can’t wait to see them.

    Enjoy and have fun!  Until next time, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your brains on for good learning.

    Take care and stay safe,

    Mrs Howe


  • Mindful Monday

    Let's find out which Disney song best suits you according to your personality and should absolutely be in your playlist!

    Habari everyone!

    That is a way of saying “hello” in Swahili, and “hakuna matata” is a way of saying “no worries” in Swahili too.  The phrase ‘hakuna matata’ was used in the film The Lion King and if you have seen the film you will know that they have a song all about it!  In fact when I’m worried or anxious I like to sing the song, it lifts my mood and makes me feel happy.  I have popped a YouTube video of it down below.  Why don’t you have a listen to it, how does it make you feel?

    As you can see the main character in the film is a lion cub called Simba, but how much do you know about lions?  Find out some amazing lion facts at the link below…

    Get Active!

    Get your wiggles out by dancing along to Just Dance Kids below, you’ll be dancing and singing all day after this …

    Lions are known for being brave, try doing Lion Pose with Jaime from Cosmic Kids.  Lion pose is one of my favourites because you get to ROAR like a lion and it helps to get rid of all your anxiety or worries.

    Afterwards try saying some affirmations.

    Affirmations are positive words that you say to yourself to help make you feel happy or good about yourself.  Try the words below and then try making up some of your own.

    • I am brave
    • I am kind
    • I am happy
    • I am unique
    • I am awesome
    • I am cool

    Even if sometimes you don’t feel like saying the words, still give it a go as just saying positive words can help change your mood from grumpy, worried or sad to more positive ones like happy, excited or funny.

    Try making an affirmation jar like the one below, each day when you wake up you could take one out and repeat it to yourself three times and then whenever you want to throughout the day.

    Encourage your kids with a courage jar! A simple DIY with inspiring words for the whole family. Part of this month's Family Dinner Book Club and perfect for the new school year! #DIY #masonjar #parenting #backtoschoolUse positive affirmations in the classroom to teach your students about growth mindset and their potential.

    How about trying some lion inspired actvities, like the one below…

    With the new Lion King movie releasing, check out how to make a Lion King paper plate craft. #lionking #diymask

    Or you could make your own binoculars like these ones and go out in your garden or a park, if you have a balcony go out and look far and wide, what can you see?

    20 Easy Kids Crafts for This Summer #hobbycraft #kidscraft #craftblog #gardensforkids #kidsoutdoors #outdoorplay #outdoorplayareaforkids #childrenoutdoors #gardensforchildren #gardenideas #kidsoutdooractivitiesSafari Binoculars Craft Tutorial

    Using your imagination you could pretend you are on the savannas of Africa and see if you can hunt out any lions, elephants, giraffe, buffalo or other animals.  Turn those listening ears right up high and you never know you may hear the roar of a lion or the call of a monkey?

    What is a worry?

    • A worry is anything that makes you feel nervous or uncomfortable.
    • A worry can make you feel sad.
    • A worry can also make you feel upset or scared.

    BUT it’s very important for you to remember that ALL of us worry at sometime, yes grown ups too, it is normal and it is simply a feeling that will pass, just like all the other feelings that you experience, like happy, sad, angry, silly etc.

    Sometimes you may have a bad dream and that might make you worry, remember that dreams are like our brains are playing a film or a picture, they are not real and did not happen in real life.  Before bedtime try listening to a bedtime meditation or story, you could also try saying some positive affirmations such as ‘I am calm’ or ‘I am safe’.

    How to make a dream catcher activity

    Story Time

    Watch the story below about Ruby and her worry.  What happened to the worry through the story? How do you think Ruby was feeling at the beginning of the story, the middle of the story and then right at the end? How does Ruby get rid of her worry?  Watch and find out…

    So Ruby got rid of her worry by talking to someone about it!  This is one of the best things you can do if you have a worry.  You may talk to a grown up, a friend, a pet or your favourite toy?  I used to have a goldfish when I was little, his name was Freddie, I used to tell Freddie my worries and then watch him swim away with them, that felt so good.

    Here are some other ways that may help you..

    Make a worry stone, paint a stone and keep it somewhere safe and go to it whenever you need it.

    Worry dolls are from a country called Guatemala, you can learn all about worry dolls by clicking the link below, it also shows you how to make your very own.

    Quick and Easy Worry Doll Craft For Kids

    Guatemalan Worry Dolls are fun and easy to make, and so darn CUTE! Great for kids with bedtime worries and anxiety! Tell your worries to your dolls, tuck them under your pillow, and the dolls will take your worries away while you sleep. Super craft camp craft for kids ages 7 and up. #HappyHooligans #CraftCamp #CraftsForKids #KidsCrafts #YarnCrafts #DollCrafts #HomemadeDolls #EasyCrafts #KidsCraftIdeas

    Who recognises this friend below?

    Yes it’s our worry monster and as you probably remember at Merry Hill every classroom has one. Write or draw your worry on a piece of paper then pop it into his mouth and he will munch your worry away!

    If you don’t have a worry monster at home – don’t worry, try making one.  The one below is from the Crayola website try the link below…

    Worry Warriors & Courage Connections lesson plan

    What a fab worry monster – if you make one please share your pictures with us by emailing on the nursery email address.

    Quiet Time

    Bubble Breath

    When you are anxious or upset try some bubble breathing this will help you to calm your mind.

    Here’s how..


    Or watch the video below to help you…

    Here’s how to make your own bubbles if you don’t have any to hand.  You can even make a fancy bubble wand…

    Now find your favourite place to relax, get comfy and cosy and listen to this weeks mindful meditation, its called the Magic Bubble Blower.  Afterwards why don’t you try saying an affirmation?  Which one will you choose today?


    Kwaheri (goodbye in Swahili) and I will see you next time and remember don’t keep those worries in, share your worry and you will feel so much better.

    Lots of love,

    Mrs Mitzman and all your nursery teachers xxx

  • The Grumpalump by Sarah Hayes

    Hello children,

    Today’s story is The Grumpalump by Sarah Hayes.  We’ve only read it a couple of times at school so you might not remember it.  The picture style in the book may look familiar as it was illustrated by Barbara Firth.  She’s drawn  a lot of story settings and characters you would recognise.  Turn your noggins on and have a think about the books you’ve read.  Which ones has she illustrated?  Here’s a hint we recently had a story on the blog, can you recognise it from the drawings?

    This is a great story I think, it rolls off my tongue the same way Mr Gumpy ‘s list of animals does and reminds me of that.  I also really like the rhymes and think my favourite one is the animal that  rhymes with pillow.  Which one is yours?

    Mrs Mitzman was talking about empathy this week.  Think about that word and The Grumpalump.  What’s your opinion?   Were the animals empathetic?  Not sure about the dove shoving or the yak whacking but they are great rhyming words.

    Have you ever seen a hot air balloon in the sky?  Or maybe you’ve been on a hot air balloon!  They are fantastic things and look magnificent in the sky.  Here’s a link that tells you a bit more about how a hot air balloon works.

    You could try making parachutes.  Lots of people jump out of airplanes as a sport.  They keep you safe and let you have a lovely gentle drift down to the ground again.  It must be a wonderful way of seeing your surroundings! You’d definitely need a parachute if you were going up into a hot air balloon.  Every year when I was little, my school would hold an science event.  We wanted to see if our design for the best egg parachute worked so there was only one way to do it. The teachers took them up high and dropped the parachutes we had made with the eggs attached.  Not all the eggs made it down to the ground safely but that was part of the of fun and  we always looked forward to trying to a different method.    There’s a link below if you’d like to try it, remember though you might need help from your grown up.   

    Here are some other ideas you might enjoy.

    10 Hot Air Balloon Crafts for Kids


    Enjoy and have fun!  Until next time, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your brains on for good learning.

    Take care and stay safe,

    Mrs Howe

  • Story Time with Mrs Bence

    Hi everyone, hope you are all staying safe and well.  I have a new story for you to watch and it’s a real tongue twister.

    Love Mrs Bence x 🐥

  • Mindful Monday 15th June 2020

    Hello everyone,

    It’s Mindful Monday again and wow didn’t that week fly by even faster than Peter Pan!

    Empathy is quite a big word but a very important word for us all to learn about.  Here is Sesame Street explaining all about what the word empathy means and why it is so important….

    I thought I would start with a fabulous story that you may have heard of or read before it’s called Giraffes Can’t Dance.  You may have this book at home which if you have you could get someone in your family to help you read it, otherwise click below for the YouTube version.

    Whilst you are listening to the story have a think….

    How do you think Gerald feels at the beginning of the story?

    How do you think Gerald feels by the end of the story?

    What about the Cricket in the story, how did he help Gerald and do you think he was a good friend to Gerald?

    Get Active!

    Here is a musical version of the book, why not get up and have a dance?  You could dance like Gerald or, make up your own dance by dancing in your very own unique and special way just like Gerald?  Do you know what musical instrument is being played in the version below?  Listen very carefully and have a think and I’ll tell you at the end of the blog!

    Try giraffe pose with Jaime from Cosmic Kids…


    Activity Time!

    Here are some lovely activities for you to try

    Gerald the Giraffe


    Lulu’s Feelings Funsheet


    Feelings Dice


    Name that Feeling

    We all have different feelings at different times and when we feel a certain way we may show it with our body or our face.  You may be able to tell when people are feeling sad, happy, frightened or worried by the way they are looking. You could play the game below with your family and see if you can all ‘name that feeling’.  Do you think that the cricket in the story knew how Gerald was feeling just by looking at him?

    Random Acts of Kindness

    What is a Random Act of Kindness?  A random act of kindness is where you surprise someone by doing something kind for them, sometimes they are done in secret so the other person doesn’t even know who did it! There are some ideas below but you probably have lots of your own ideas too.  It is such a fun thing to do and when I do it I love seeing how happy it makes people and then I feel good too!  Let us know what random acts of kindness you have done, you could make a chart like the girl below and colour in a heart every time you complete one kind act.

    100 acts of kindness free printable tracking chartDownload free printable Random Acts of Kindness Cards for Kids.


    Fill up your heart

    Why not go outside and find some stones or some sticks and make a heart shape, then fill up your heart with lovely things, you could write kind words on pieces of paper and put it in your heart or you could get photographs or draw pictures of things or people/animals that you love and put those in your heart too.  If you run out of room in your heart just make your heart bigger!  Your heart always has room for kind thoughts and kind words, in fact the more kindness you show the bigger your heart becomes – wow!

    Heart Seed Bombs

    Try making some heart shaped seed bombs, nature will love you for it, click on the link below to find out how…


    Quiet Time!

    Here is Jaime from Cosmic Kids again with a beautiful meditation ‘Be the Pond’ all about your feelings.

    Here is another quiet time activity that you can do…

    Oooh I feel so relaxed now, I hope you do too.  Don’t forget to email us any pictures of you doing any of the activities, we love seeing them.

    Sending you lots of love from our hearts to yours,

    Mrs Mitzman and all of your Nursery Teachers xxx

    P.S. The instrument is called a ukulele, it looks a bit like a small guitar and it comes from Hawaii which is an island in the Pacific Ocean.  A ukulele looks like this…





  • 10 things to do before your bedtime

    Good Morning,  Mrs Jones,  hope you had a good night sleep.

    10 minutes can sometimes feel like a long time  and then can go quickly at other times. Time is very special because it helps us remember things. Things that we did yesterday will be the past, things that are happening today, right at this moment we call the present and things that we can plan ahead for, tomorrow or at the weekend will be in the future.   My children used to find waiting for a special day like a birthday,  a visit from someone and Christmas seemed to take a long time and then all of a sudden that day was here.  Have you tried counting your sleeps, when your waiting for a special day?

    Here are 10 things you could try at home, before your bedtime.

    1. Play a board game or card game with your family.
    2. Can you Stack your pancakes, toast, fruit or cereals (dried ones) in 10 seconds.
    3. Dance to your favourite songs for 10 mins
    4.  If you have a pet at home how long does it take to eat its food?  How long does it take you to eat yours?
    5.  Preparing a snack with your grown ups does this take longer than 10 mins?
    6.  When you go out for your walk, can you time, how far do you walk in 10 mins?
    7.  How long will it take you to do 10 star jumps or/and  10 bunny hops?
    8.  Make a clock using a paper plate or empty cereal box
    9.  Make up some smelling jars
    10.  If you haven’t tried yet make some lavender sensory salt

    Lavender has a lovely fragrance and some people feel it helps to relax and calm the mind. We have put it in our playdoh we have made in nursery before. Different scents effect everyone differently. My favourite scent at the moment is lemon.

    Here are some links to the activities.


    Hope you manage to take sometime to relax. Enjoy and we would love to hear how you get on.

    Team Nursery !


  • 10 Minutes Till Bedtime by Peggy Rathmann

    Hi Children,

    This week I’ve read 10 Minutes til Bedtime by  Peggy Rathmann .   It’s about a little boy who needs to get ready for bed.

    I  wonder is your bedtime routine a bit like this?  Sometimes I put off doing things that I should have done ages ago.  Then suddenly I realise that I should’ve been more organised and have to rush and hurry.  Sometimes getting ready for bed or school can feel like that.  You think that you’ve got loads of time or you just want to finish putting your lego piece in the right place and BAM! you’re late and you have to hurry.  Sometimes it’s tough to be organised.  Here are some ideas to help…

    1. Have a regular bedtime every night.
    2. Use a timer to remind yourself when you need to do something or ask your grown up to help remind you.
    3. Have  a warm bath and brush your teeth.
    4. Get dressed for bed. Can you do it all by yourself?
    5. Read a favourite story.  Maybe you could choose one from the blog?
    6. You could play soft music like we do during yoga time.
    7. You might want to take a teddy or something like that to bed with you.
    8. Close your eyes and breath deeply.

    Before you know it you’ll be off to sleep!

    Your morning routine for school can be similar but make sure you eat your breakfast before you brush your teeth.

    These ideas may also be helpful.

    Calming Yoga music

    Tips To Get Your Child Ready For School On Time (Hampton Primary School)

    Kids Schedule Morning Routine For School - Fun with Mama                            My Top Tips for Getting Organised for School | thecreativemummy

    Enjoy!  Until then, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your brains on for good learning.

    Take care and stay safe,

    Mrs Howe