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  • Dinosaurs

    Hello Reception,

    We have really enjoyed reading all of  Mr Salih’s Dinosaur facts every Wednesday.

    Here is a short video with some very interesting facts about Dinosaurs  and what might have happened to them and why they were extinct millions of years ago?

  • Squish the Fish Yoga

    Hello Reception

    We hope you have had a lovely weekend.

    Would you like to start your week off with some Yoga? See how long you can hold your Yoga poses for.

    You can also join Squish the Fish for a swim too, what will happen on your adventure?

    Have lots of fun.

    From Reception

  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears Apple Porridge

    Hi Reception,

    As you have been doing your stories about Goldilocks and the Three Bears, I thought it would be nice for you to have a go at making your own porridge. This is a lovely recipe but you can add any flavouring you want. Make sure you have an adult with you at all times though. Porridge is a good source of energy and will keep you going all morning.

    Goldilocks and the Three Bears Apple Porridge


    50g                              Porridge oats

    350ml                         Milk

    2 tablespoons         Sultanas

    ½ teaspoon              Cinnamon

    ½                                  Grated apple

    What to do:

    • Mix the oats and the mil together in a bowl
    • Microwave on high for 2 and a half minutes
    • Stir the porridge
    • Microwave on high for another 2 and a half minutes
    • Let it stand for 1 minute as it is very hot
    • Decorate your porridge with the apple, sultanas and cinnamon.


    (If you don’t like apple and sultana, try jam, syrup, berries, banana)






    Send in your pictures and I will put them on the blog.

    The Reception Team

  • Fun quiz answers

    Hello Zebras and Elephants

    Did you have a go at answering the quiz questions?

    We hope you enjoyed it.

    Here are the answers:

    1.  Fish
    2.  Purple
    3. The Witch
    4. Hippo
    5. On his tail
    6. Porridge
    7. Witch and chips
    8. Capturing a Princess
    9. The big bad Wolf
    10. Oh no! we’ve got to go through it

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Reception team.

  • A Pack of Super Deadly Chickens!

    Hi Reception,

    We are back looking at more super dangerous dinosaurs! This week we are looking at one of the most famous predators that roamed our planet all the way back in the Cretaceous period, over 70 million years ago. Its name was Velociraptor, and it is very famous due to its appearance in the film ‘Jurassic Park’.

    Did you know?

    • Unlike its terrifying appearance in films, Velociraptor was closer to the size of a chicken or turkey!
    • The name Velociraptor means ‘Speedy Thief’.
    • In Mongolia (2007), a well preserved forearm was found, which suggests Velociraptor had feathers and was not scaly!
    • Velociraptor had deadly talons, one on each foot could retract to help them hunt prey.
    • You wouldn’t want to run into a pack of Velociraptors, they were much faster than humans and could reach speeds of up to 40 mph!


    • A Velociraptor was covered in feathers just like today’s birds. When you go into the garden, or go on a walk with your grown up, see if you can find any feathers? What colours are they? What bird may it have fallen off?
    • A Velociraptor was super fast! If it ran 50m it could run it in just over 3 seconds. How fast can you run a 50m race? Ask someone to time you and see if you can beat the Velociraptor!

    Please send any questions/pictures here: 

    Mr. Salih

  • Fun quiz

    Hello Zebras and Elephants

    We hope you have all had a super weekend.

    Here is a fun quiz from some of our favourite story books:

    1, What is tiddler?

    (dog) (cat) (fish) (bird)

    2, What colour are the Gruffalo’s spines?

    (green) (purple) (blue) (white)?

    3 Who’s house was made of sweets in the story of Hansel and Gretel?

    (The Wolf)  (The Fairy)  (The Witch)  (The Wizard)

    4 Who does the Gruffalo’s child NOT meet in the woods?

    (Owl)  (Fox)  (Snake)  (Hippo)

    5 How did the Whale carry the Snail?

    (On his tail)  (On his head)   (On his mouth)  (He dropped him in the sea)

    6 What breakfast did the Three Bears leave on the table when they went for a walk?

    (Toast)  (Cornflakes)   (Rice krispies)  (Porridge)

    7 What did the Dragon from Room on the broom want for his tea?

    (Witch and ketchup) (Witch and chips) (Witch and ice cream) ( Witch and peas)

    8 What does Zog win a gold star for?

    (Winning a running race)  (Capturing a princess)  (Singing the loudest)  (Flying fastest)

    9 Who tried to blow the Three little pigs house down?

    (Big bad Dragon)  (Big bad Tiger)  (Big bad Wolf)  (Big bad Bear)

    10 Finish the song from’ We’re going on a bear hunt’. “We cant go over it we cant go under it ?

    (Oh no we’ve got to jump on it)  (Oh no we’ve got to wait here)  (Oh no we’ve got to go through it)  (Oh no we’ve got to go home)

    we will post the answers later this week.

    Reception team.


  • Learning Station Sport Songs

    Hello Zebras & Elephants

    We hope you have enjoyed the sport activities and Wednesdays dinosaur stomp song.

    To end national sports week here are some sport songs to join in with. Make sure you watch to the end so you can wind down for the weekend, with the lovely cool down and calming songs.

    From reception team

  • Dinosaur Stomp

    Hello Reception

    For todays challenge I thought you might like to try out this Dinosaur Stomp fitness video.

    Can you make up some of your own moves, or even do it dressed as a dinosaur!!

    Happy Stomping!


  • Can Slalom

    Hello Reception,

    It is Sports Week this week so you will find different activities to get you moving and in a sporty mood! See how many you can do and even send us some pictures. I have already been up doing a fitness class today so I am off to a good start. 

    Here is something to get you started:


    Can Slalom

    What you need:

    10 empty cans or plastic bottles

    Bag for life

    What to do:

    Wash and dry your cans or bottles.

    Arrange them in a line with at least a meter between them.

    Step into your bag for life and hold only the handles.

    Jump through your line weaving around the cans or bottles.

    If you knock one over, you have to start again.

    Time yourself, can you get quicker? Get a grown up to do it, are they quicker?

    Once you have got the hang of it you can make different courses making them more difficult. Get creative!!

  • Space Binoculars

    Space Binoculars

    Now you can search space for rockets!

    What you need:
    2 empty toilet rolls
    Paint or felt tips
    Glitter, stickers, ribbon

    What to do:

    1) Make sure the toilet rolls are empty and decorate them as you like. You could paint them black and cover them in glitter like space or you can draw spaceships and aliens on them.

    2) Put a strip of glue along one the roll and stick the other toilet roll to it. Hold it together or fasten it with a paperclip while it dries.

    3) Measure the string so it is the length of your arm, from your shoulder to your longest finger.

    4) With an adult, make a hole either side of the rolls and thread the string through. Tie a knot and attatch it the other side. You now have somewhere to hang your binoculars!!

    Check out this link for some space facts and other things:

    Have a lovely weekend everyone.


  • Dinos After Dark

    Hello Dinosaur lovers,

    As you may have seen, I posted about the Dinos After Dark event at Paradise Wildlife Park last week. If you missed the event but would like to see it, below is the link to the YouTube video.

    I hope you enjoy it,

    Mrs Slight

  • Yoga

    Hello Zebras and Elephants

    Hope you have all had a lovely weekend.

    I have really missed doing our yoga sessions together.

    Here is one I found for you to try, it even has one of our favourite stories too.


    From Reception team.

  • Flower Press

    Hello Reception,

    Over the weekend on your walks, see if you can find any pretty wild flowers. Pick a few, take them home and give them a wash. Try this Flower Press and in a few weeks we will see if we can make a picture with them. Remember, only pick the wild flowers and always check with your adult first.

    Flower Press

    What you need:


    Cloth or kitchen towel

    Heavy books


    What to do:

    • Collect flowers from areas around your home (ensure you have permission to pick flowers)


    • Place two flowers flat on the kitchen towel. Ensure they do not touch as this can impact the pressing.


    • Cover flowers with another sheet of kitchen towel and press down with a heavy book.


    • Leave the flowers for 1 week under the book. It’s good to change the kitchen towel every couple days to drain the moisture.


    • After two weeks remove the books and you have pressed flowers.


    • Use these to decorate books, postcards or add to your scrapbook.


    Good luck,

    Mrs Slight

  • Dinos After Dark

    Hello Dinosaur Loving Reception,
    I saw this online event and immediately thought of you all! I hope you enjoy it.
    Dinos After Dark: LIVE at Paradise Wildlife Park!
    Join us this Wednesday 10th June at 9:30pm UK time during lockdown to go on a tour around the World of Dinosaurs AFTER DARK!
    Get the popcorn ready and click ‘going’ the event here >
  • A Very, Woolly, Rhinoceros!

    Hi Reception,

    It’s been so nice seeing some of you back at school! I know those of you at home will continue to have fun…

    This week we are looking at a prehistoric mammal that lived long after the dinosaurs, but still a long time ago (from 350 to 10 thousand years ago)! It was called the Woolly Rhinoceros!


    Did you know?

    • A woolly rhino could weight up to an estimated 2700kg … that’s super heavy!
    • A woolly rhino had a powerful hump, just like a camel, to help store fat and survive the very cold winters.
    • A wholly rhino’s front horn could reach up to 1.5m long and weigh 15kg. The second horn was a lot shorter.
    • A woolly rhino was very hairy, not like todays rhinos, and was covered in a thick reddish brown coat.



    Could you do a drawing of a woolly rhino and decorate it? Maybe using some fur or string you could decorate it for fur? What could you fill the horn in with?

    Please send any questions/pictures here: 

    Mr. Salih