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  • Rosie’s Walk

    This week Reception have had lots of fun listening to the story ‘Rosie’s Walk’ by Pat Hutchins.

    We discussed  and drew our favourite parts.

     ‘This is Rosie and that’s her house’

    ‘The fox is sneaking up on the hen’

    One child described their favourite part saying ‘I liked it when the flour went on the fox’.  Lots of us laughed loudly at this part. ‘The sneaky fox got covered in flour!’ said another child.

    We loved acting out the story outside. We pretended to walk past the mill and go over the haycock. We finished the story where we had started, back at Rosie’s home.

    We also ordered cards of the story

    Next week we will be making our very own story maps of Rosie’s Walk and starting to change the story to make it our own.

    Can you retell the story to your grown up at home? 

    Maybe you could play a game where you move over, under, through and past things in your house or garden?

    Could you make an obstacle course and include things to move through and under?

  • Gardening in Reception

    We are very lucky  to have a special place to grow plants in Reception. Over the summer, however, it had got very over grown. Something needed to be done and luckily we have a superhero helper on hand to help us!

    Mrs Hoffmann has spent a lot of time working with the children to sort out the overgrown plants. The children have taken it in turns to help with digging out and cutting  back some plants so that light can get to all the plants. It is a big job so we will update you as it develops!

    We also disturbed some mini beasts but the children very carefully made sure they had a new home.

    The children were very keen and you may have lots of willing  helpers in the garden at home!


  • It’s the time of year for spider spotting!

    After visiting the wildlife area the Reception children were very interested in looking for minibeasts.

    We found a lot of spiders in the Reception garden and particularly two who had very cleverly made big webs to catch flies for their dinner!


  • Mini Forest Explorers

    This week we have had our first visit to Mini Forest Explorers. We listened extra carefully to Mrs Mitzman’s instructions and made sure we followed all the forest rules.

    We remembered to walk, respect the wildlife and most importantly have fun exploring.

    Look at what we got up to:

    We loved cooking in the mud kitchen, observing wildlife in the bug hotel and finding flowers and leaves. We even spotted a worm in the wheelbarrow!

  • Welcome to Reception

    We have had so much fun meeting all the new Reception children this week. It has been lovely to see them explore the space and start making new friends.

    We have explored our indoor and outdoor environment and have tried really hard to put everything back where we found it.

    We can’t wait to do more learning next week and to explore our new classroom even more!


  • Last Day of Term

    Good morning Reception,

    This is officially your last day as an Elephant or Zebra! How exciting. Its been a funny old year but you have all come through this shining like the stars that I know you are. You should be very proud of yourselves. I know I am very proud of you all!

    We all now have 6 weeks holiday but don’t forget to keep up with reading, this could be a magazine, restaurant menu or a map of a local park. Draw, make pictures of what you see, keeping them as memories. Count, see if you can help with the weekly shopping by paying using the correct money. Its amazing what you can learn doing fun things. Writing, make a list of the things you would like to do this summer, build a den, make a cake.

    I have found some fun things you can do over the summer, some challenges but also some fun stuff too:

    Make some spoon puppets and put on a show

    Make your own counting string with some beads on a piece of wool, this could help with your counting

    Make your own scavenger hunt to do while on a walk

    Make ice lollies using your favourite fruit

    Keep a diary

    Keep up with your daily exercise

    Build a Lego city

    Attached are some more ideas to keep you busy over the summer but the most important thing is to:

    have fun, relax and get recharged ready for your Year 1 adventure.

    Have a wonderful summer and good luck in your adventures in Year 1.

    Best wishes, The Reception Team




  • Small world

    Hello Reception,

    We have all loved playing with our indoor and outdoor small world.

    We have also really enjoyed Wednesdays blogs on Dinosaur facts.

    During the summer holidays how about creating your own small world?

    It could be a Dinosaur garden or a Fairy garden? You can  use anything from a small world theme.

    It is lots of fun and will keep you very busy, maybe you can paint a rock red and orange with acrylic paint and it could be a volcano for the Dinosaurs to run away from or paint small pebbles to make a path leading to a Fairy tree house.

    Please send us your photos we would love to see them.

    All you need:

    Large wide garden pot

    Potting soil



    Twigs and sticks

    Small plants/herbs or plastic plants

    Small plastic Dinosaurs or Fairies

    You can add a small plastic bowl and dig  it into  the soil then fill it with water for a lake.

    Watch these videos to give you some ideas :




  • shortbread biscuits

    Hello reception,

    I hope you have all  enjoyed the sunshine and had a lovely weekend.

    On the weekends or school holidays I like to do  some baking with my daughter Lola.

    Yesterday we made these shortbread biscuits, they were really easy and quick to make and were very tasty too.

    Maybe you can make some with a grown up helping you. we did hearts, circles and butterfly shortbreads for a summer theme.

    We kept our shortbreads plain but you could decorate yours with some icing cake pens.

    All the ingredients you need:

    200 grams Salted butter

    100 grams Castor sugar

    260 grams plain flour

    1 egg yolk

    (if you haven’t got salted butter you can use unsalted butter but add a pinch of salt to the mixture)


    Mix the soft butter and sugar with a spoon until smooth,

    Then add egg yolk and flour,

    Bring it together with you hands into a ball,

    Wrap in cling film and leave in the fridge for about an hour,

    Roll it out and cut your shapes out, put them on baking paper on an oven tray,

    Bake for 15 minutes at 200 degrees fan oven until slightly golden,

    Leave to cool down for 15 minutes before you move them.

    Hope you enjoy them, have fun and make sure you have a grown up to help you bake.

    Have a lovely summer holiday.

    Look forward to seeing you all in September.

    From Mrs Parente.

  • Toilet Roll Bird Feeder


    What you will need to make a toilet roll bird feeder:

    • Empty toilet roll
    • Peanut butter/ lard
    • Bird Seed
    • Spatula
    • Plate

    What to do:

    • Smother a cardboard tube in peanut butter (no added salt and sugar versions are suitable for birds, if you want to use something else try lard).
    • Roll it in bird seed and thread some string through the hole.
    • Tie it up or forget the string and just stick it on a branch in your garden where birds will feel safe eating.

    Other bird feeder ideas:

  • Dinosaurs

    Hello Reception,

    We have really enjoyed reading all of  Mr Salih’s Dinosaur facts every Wednesday.

    Here is a short video with some very interesting facts about Dinosaurs  and what might have happened to them and why they were extinct millions of years ago?

  • Squish the Fish Yoga

    Hello Reception

    We hope you have had a lovely weekend.

    Would you like to start your week off with some Yoga? See how long you can hold your Yoga poses for.

    You can also join Squish the Fish for a swim too, what will happen on your adventure?

    Have lots of fun.

    From Reception

  • Goldilocks and the Three Bears Apple Porridge

    Hi Reception,

    As you have been doing your stories about Goldilocks and the Three Bears, I thought it would be nice for you to have a go at making your own porridge. This is a lovely recipe but you can add any flavouring you want. Make sure you have an adult with you at all times though. Porridge is a good source of energy and will keep you going all morning.

    Goldilocks and the Three Bears Apple Porridge


    50g                              Porridge oats

    350ml                         Milk

    2 tablespoons         Sultanas

    ½ teaspoon              Cinnamon

    ½                                  Grated apple

    What to do:

    • Mix the oats and the mil together in a bowl
    • Microwave on high for 2 and a half minutes
    • Stir the porridge
    • Microwave on high for another 2 and a half minutes
    • Let it stand for 1 minute as it is very hot
    • Decorate your porridge with the apple, sultanas and cinnamon.


    (If you don’t like apple and sultana, try jam, syrup, berries, banana)






    Send in your pictures and I will put them on the blog.

    The Reception Team

  • Fun quiz answers

    Hello Zebras and Elephants

    Did you have a go at answering the quiz questions?

    We hope you enjoyed it.

    Here are the answers:

    1.  Fish
    2.  Purple
    3. The Witch
    4. Hippo
    5. On his tail
    6. Porridge
    7. Witch and chips
    8. Capturing a Princess
    9. The big bad Wolf
    10. Oh no! we’ve got to go through it

    Have a lovely weekend.

    Reception team.

  • A Pack of Super Deadly Chickens!

    Hi Reception,

    We are back looking at more super dangerous dinosaurs! This week we are looking at one of the most famous predators that roamed our planet all the way back in the Cretaceous period, over 70 million years ago. Its name was Velociraptor, and it is very famous due to its appearance in the film ‘Jurassic Park’.

    Did you know?

    • Unlike its terrifying appearance in films, Velociraptor was closer to the size of a chicken or turkey!
    • The name Velociraptor means ‘Speedy Thief’.
    • In Mongolia (2007), a well preserved forearm was found, which suggests Velociraptor had feathers and was not scaly!
    • Velociraptor had deadly talons, one on each foot could retract to help them hunt prey.
    • You wouldn’t want to run into a pack of Velociraptors, they were much faster than humans and could reach speeds of up to 40 mph!


    • A Velociraptor was covered in feathers just like today’s birds. When you go into the garden, or go on a walk with your grown up, see if you can find any feathers? What colours are they? What bird may it have fallen off?
    • A Velociraptor was super fast! If it ran 50m it could run it in just over 3 seconds. How fast can you run a 50m race? Ask someone to time you and see if you can beat the Velociraptor!

    Please send any questions/pictures here: 

    Mr. Salih

  • Fun quiz

    Hello Zebras and Elephants

    We hope you have all had a super weekend.

    Here is a fun quiz from some of our favourite story books:

    1, What is tiddler?

    (dog) (cat) (fish) (bird)

    2, What colour are the Gruffalo’s spines?

    (green) (purple) (blue) (white)?

    3 Who’s house was made of sweets in the story of Hansel and Gretel?

    (The Wolf)  (The Fairy)  (The Witch)  (The Wizard)

    4 Who does the Gruffalo’s child NOT meet in the woods?

    (Owl)  (Fox)  (Snake)  (Hippo)

    5 How did the Whale carry the Snail?

    (On his tail)  (On his head)   (On his mouth)  (He dropped him in the sea)

    6 What breakfast did the Three Bears leave on the table when they went for a walk?

    (Toast)  (Cornflakes)   (Rice krispies)  (Porridge)

    7 What did the Dragon from Room on the broom want for his tea?

    (Witch and ketchup) (Witch and chips) (Witch and ice cream) ( Witch and peas)

    8 What does Zog win a gold star for?

    (Winning a running race)  (Capturing a princess)  (Singing the loudest)  (Flying fastest)

    9 Who tried to blow the Three little pigs house down?

    (Big bad Dragon)  (Big bad Tiger)  (Big bad Wolf)  (Big bad Bear)

    10 Finish the song from’ We’re going on a bear hunt’. “We cant go over it we cant go under it ?

    (Oh no we’ve got to jump on it)  (Oh no we’ve got to wait here)  (Oh no we’ve got to go through it)  (Oh no we’ve got to go home)

    we will post the answers later this week.

    Reception team.