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  • Whatever Next

    The children have been keeping busy with one of our favourite stories Whatever Next.  This story gave us plenty of opportunities to discuss, what it would be like in space and to travel in a rocket. We looked at information books about space and we were pleasantly surprised with the children being informed about the planets. The children had the opportunity to make their own story maps, to help them remember the sequence of the story, before making their own books and putting Baby Bear in the hot seat. We thought they made great journalist and authors.





  • Daily Mile

    Everyday in Reception we do the Daily Mile at 9 am. We all go to the playground and run around the edge twice. We aim to build this up to 3 times in the next couple of weeks.

    We love doing the Daily Mile. It helps to wake us up and keeps us fit and healthy.

    Look at us jogging around the playground.


  • Outdoor Stage Area

    The children have loved playing in our new outdoor stage area. They have really enjoyed dressing up and singing and acting in front of their friends. The children have particularly enjoyed reenacting fairy tales.  The area has been enhanced with a selection of books. Look at us reading the stories to each other and choosing characters to be from the books.

    Thank you to Mrs Hoffman for donating the stage back drop. We love it!

  • Bushey Remembers

     Last week at Merry Hill the children learnt about the importance of remembrance day and why we hold a 2 minute silence on this day.
    We enjoyed making poppies using a variety of media. We gave some of our pictures and poppy rocks to St James’s Church, Bushey and they can be seen around the church and surrounding area. Have a look at the clip below to see them. Lots of our pictures can be seen around school particularly in the courtyard area too.
  • Diwali

    During the week of the 9th November the children in Early Years had lots of fun learning all about Diwali.

    The children enjoyed making their own Rangoli patterns, Diva lamps from clay and fireworks pictures using chalk, paints and oil pastels.

    The children who celebrate Diwali at home loved talking about their own experiences and all the exciting things they do. When asked what he does for Diwali one child  enthusiastically replied “We decorate the house with lots of lights and decorations and eat so, so much nice food. Really nice food and sweets. And we have everyone come to the house but we can’t this time because of coronavirus but some people will visit if we can.”

    We wish everyone who celebrates, a very Happy Diwali.

  • Gardening in Reception…continued

    As promised, an update on how our Reception garden is progressing. Mrs Hoffmann, who now works with us as part of the Reception team, enlisted the help of many willing volunteers to help with the next stage-the planting.

    The children were so keen to get involved Mrs Hoffmann needed to have a waiting list to make sure everyone got a chance, or will have their turn over the coming weeks. Shrubs and winter pansies were planted and bulbs will be put in soon. The children were very careful with their digging and again there was a lot of transporting worms to safe ground when they got disturbed.

  • Remembrance Sunday – Making Poppies

    Sunday 8th November is Remembrance Sunday.  The children in Reception have been working with poppies, the symbol for Remembrance Sunday. They made their own play dough and added colouring , cutting and shaping it to form poppies and adding a black centre. We have also been busy painting stones with poppies and these have been sent to St James’ church where they have been put on display as part of their Remembrance commemorations. Please follow the link for more details and information:

  • A Rocket has Landed!

    We came back from half term to find a rocket had landed outside of Reception. We were so surprised!

    ‘wow, a space rocket’ said the children

    We thought about who could of come to visit us in the rocket. We thought it might be an astronaut or even aliens! We soon found out that it was Baby Bear, from the story ‘Whatever Next!’ by Jill Murphy, who had landed at our school.

    Look at this amazing rocket that was made by one of the children. “It’s a super rocket like from our story ‘Whatever Next!’ It’s got windows, see the holes” they explained.

  • Harvest

    We have had lots of fun learning all about Harvest today. We loved singing the Harvest Samba song. Maybe you could teach your grownups the song and make up a fun dance?

    We have discussed about being thankful and appreciative of all the food we have and eat. We also discussed those who are not as fortunate as us and how we could help and share out what we have.

    Red Trust Bushey (who are based by St James’ Church on Rectory Lane) have a Food Bank. If you would like to contribute, donations can be dropped off on Fridays between 8am and 10am. They are currently in need of chocolate biscuits, squash that needs diluting, toilet paper and small coffee jars but any donations are always gratefully received.

  • Piet Mondrian

    Hello elephants and zebras, over the half term here are some ideas of creative activities you can participate in!
    We have recently been learning about Piet Mondrian and looking at his types of art.
    At home try and recreate some of his art work and even add your own twist on it. we would love to see some pictures of your creations.
    Here are a few from earlier in the week:
  • Time to Read from Book Trust

    Today all the children will bring home a very special book. All the children in Reception have been gifted a book from the Book Trust. This year’s book is ‘The Runaway Pea’ by Kjartan Poskitt and Alex Willmore.

    Unfortunately we are unable to take Zebras and Elephants to visit Bushey Library this year. It is still open for you to visit with your children and we highly recommend going to look at all the wonderful books.

    Hertfordshire libraries have made 3 promotional videos. Please share the first 2 with your child:

    3. Hertfordshire Libraries – Time to Read 


    Enjoy reading your new book!

  • Autumn

    Well Autumn is well and truly here.
    The trees are delightful to look at, this time of the year.  Here is a simple activity that you could try over the next few days.  Making a leafy collage, its an excuse to go out for a quick walk and collect some of the leaves that have fallen or find pictures of leaves from old magazines.  Can you name the trees the leaves have come from?

    Autumn leaf and glue collage


  • Listening Games


    In Reception we have been working really hard on our listening skills.

    To do good listening we make sure we:

    • Look in the correct direction
    • Do good sitting
    • Keep our lips closed


    Here are some lovely listening games you can do at home:


  • Succot

    On Friday we learned about the Jewish harvest festival of Succot. We looked at pictures of a Succah, a hut built outside decorated with branches and fruit, and then we did some colouring and sticking.

  • Rosie’s Walk Continued


    We have really enjoyed continuing our work on Rosie’s Walk this week.

    We have worked hard to draw our own story maps to help us retell the book. Look at our lovely work:

    It was so much fun to change the story.

    We were really imaginative and thought of lots of characters to replace Rosie. Some of us chose to make up stories about a giant’s walk, a fairy’s walk and even a dinosaur’s walk.

    In Zebra’s new class story a giant named Frankie walked through a stinky swamp, around a dragons den and over a bumpy hill.