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Year 1

  • Using The Laptops For The First Time!

    During our computing lesson, we used the laptops for the first time this week!

    We logged into our purple mash accounts using our very own log in’s and created our own avatar. Choosing own own hairstyle, eye colour and outfits! There are lots of fun learning activities on purple mash to help build our computer skills.

    As you can see it was lots of fun!

  • Mindfulness Mondays

    This week was our second week of Mindfulness Mondays!

    We got our sketchbooks out and explored mixing primary colours using paint. KS1 learned about Piet Mondrain, who only used straight lines and primary colours in his work. Can you recreate any of his famous paintings at home?

    We listened to calming music as we created our artwork. As you can see we had lots of fun and it was a great way to start the day after a busy weekend!

  • Happy Friday!

    Happy Friday to all our Year 1 families!

    Thank you so much to all of you who have been emailing the class email addresses to send in homework. We have been really impressed by what we have received so far!

    Here are just some of the amazing work…

    Please select a new activity each week off the grid which was emailed out last Friday. We look forward to seeing what amazing work you do this week!

    Have a lovely weekend

    The Year 1 Team

  • Our First Year 1 Sports Coach PE

    Today we have had such an amazing time with our Sports Coach Mr Davies.

    We got changed super quickly and really impressed our adults with our fantastic listening and behaviour.

    As you can see, the sun was shining and we were all smiling and having the best time…we can’t wait for next Thursday!

  • Our First Day in Year 1!

    Good afternoon families,

    We have had such a lovely first day together in Year 1! Each and every child came in with a beaming smile ready to get stuck into the activities we had planned for them.

    Today there was lots of new rooms and routes to get used to but it didn’t take us long to get used to it.

    Here are some photos of our lovely classrooms for you to see…we hope you all them!

    We look forward to getting to know you all more,

    Best wishes,

    The Year 1 Team


  • Goodbye Lions and Panthers, it’s been fun!

    Dear Lions and Panthers,  

    Thank you so much for making this year lots of fun, we will miss you all and look forward to seeing you in September when you will be very grown up Year 2s.

    We will wave to you….like this…

  • Time capsule memories and wishes for the future….

    As we come to the end of the year, it is always nice to look back on our memories and things we have achieved – there have been so many! It is also a good time to think about things we are looking forward to.

    You might like to fill out the time capsule booklet on this page or perhaps you’ve been keeping your own scrapbook of memories over lock down.

    Time Capsule Activity Booklet

    2020-covid-19-time-capsule-sheets.pdf (16 downloads)

    We’d love to see some of your memories – you could either email them to us or bring them in to show in September. We’d love to also hear about your wishes for the future – perhaps it is something you’re looking forward to or a dream holiday you’d like to go on!

    Have a wonderful summer break, enjoy yourselves and have lots of fun!

    The Year 1 team x


  • Memories of Lions and Panthers 2019-2020

    Dear Lions and Panthers,

    We hope you enjoy looking at these photographs of all the things we did during the year. Had you forgotten any? We did a lot, didn’t we, even though it was sadly cut short.


    Memories-of-Year-1-pdf-2.pdf (43 downloads)


    Have a lovely holiday and we will see you in September when you are in Year 2,

    love from

    All the Year 1 Team

  • Memories of Year 1 with Lions and Panthers

    Cute Lion Cartoon Stock Photo, Picture And Royalty Free Image ...                            Cartoon Panther Images, Stock Photos & Vectors | Shutterstock

    Dear Lions and Panthers,

    We have had such a lot of fun with you all this year and we all have some fantastic memories of our time together in Year 1

    Here are some photographs from things we have done during the year.  Can  you remember them all?

    These are just a few…keep your eyes peeled for more to follow, we have done so many exciting things together!

    The Year 1 Team xx

  • Adventures with Mrs Barnes

    Hello Year One,

    How are you all?  During the last few months I have discovered lots of local places to walk and explore.  I thought I would share with you all a few of the best places I have found so that maybe you can visit them during the summer holidays..

    Here is a list of where the Barnes family have been – 

    • The Moatfield – Bushey
    • Drop Lane – Bricket Wood
    • Leavesden Country Park
    • Finch Lane – Bushey
    • Merry Hill Fields – Bushey
    • King Georges Park – Bushey
    • Whippendell Woods – Watford
    • Aldenham Country Park 
    • Bentley Priory – Bushey

    We have had great fun exploring new places and finding our way home.  Maybe you could let me know of any other places you have found that I might like to visit.  You could even draw me a map of how to get there or draw me some pictures of what it looks like. I look forward to you sharing some new and exciting places for us to explore.  Keep having fun!!

    Mrs Barnes


  • Sunflowers update

    Hello Year 1

    I thought it was a good time to show you how the sunflowers in my garden are getting on. They have grown a lot since I last wrote about them and they are all still going strong.

    You can see they are as tall as my fence now and I measured them using different items. I also measured them with a tape measure.

    I hope your sunflowers are still growing. Are they taller than 158 cms? It would be lovely to see photos of them.

    *Can you spot the visitor to my sunflowers enjoying the sunshine?

    Tallest sunflower 13 pairs of sunglasses

    10 bottles of suncream

    158 cms

    Shortest sunflower 10 pairs of sunglasses

    7 bottles of suncream

    120 cms

  • Reading Books

    Hi Year 1,

    I know lots of you have been reading lots whilst at home but some of your grown ups have been asking about recommended reading books for year 1.  Below is a link to a range of interesting and fun books you might like to buy or try to find online.

    During lockdown I have been taking advantage of the lovely weather and reading in the garden.

    Have you been reading somewhere different or unusual? Maybe you have made a special den to read in, or have been reading in the park or car?

    Please email through your photos of where you have been reading during your time at home and we can feature your photos in a future blog! Try to be as inventive as possible!

    I look forward to your emails,

    Miss Bateman

  • Unusual pets


    I have loved seeing the photos of your pets and hearing all about them! I used to have pets when I was little – I had fish, a hamster, a rabbit and a guinea pig called Gus because he used to eat lots like the mouse Gus Gus from the film Cinderella! I’d really love another pet of my own one day – perhaps a dog or another rabbit!

    Since I don’t have any of my own pets at the moment, I thought I’d tell you about the pets my cousin, Lilly, has because they are a little bit unusual….

    She has a Bearded Dragon called Layla.

    Bearded dragons eat live crickets and locusts. You can also feed them fruit and vegetables. They need to be kept warm in a glass tank called a vivarium, with a heat lamp and UV light otherwise they can become unwell. Bearded Dragons puff up their chin and open their mouth if they are scared to make themselves look scary to predators. They are awake during the day and sleep at night. They need branches or logs in their vivarium for them to climb. When they grow, the shed their skin. They are very friendly and like to swim in the bath!

    Lilly also has a Pygmy Hedgehog called Truffle

    Did you know….

    Their spikes only hurt if they are pointing upwards. They eat meal-worms and cat food but they can also have other things such as boiled eggs and some fruits. Hedgehogs sleep all through the day and wake up at night. They need an exercise wheel (like hamsters!) because in the wild, hedgehogs travel about 30 miles at night. They are lactose intolerant which means they feel poorly when they eat dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt. Hedgehogs have to be kept warm or they will hibernate. Pet hedgehogs can’t hibernate because they are not prepared like wild hedgehogs who stock up on food and drink before they hibernate. Hedgehogs shed their spikes as they grow to get adult spikes. This is called quilling.

    Do you have any unusual pets? Or perhaps you know some facts about an unusual animal that you’d like to share?

    How do you care for your pets? Maybe you could write down how to look after them or even find out about a pet that you’d like to have one day!

    Miss O’Donnell

  • Sherbert the Cat

    Hello Year 1,

    This is my cat Sherbert. He is about 10 years old and we got him from an animal  rescue centre 9 and a half  years  ago. We were going to get 1 cat to be a friend for the cat we already had but Sherbert was so friendly and smiley(yes cats can smile) that we had to have him too, so we ended up with 3 cats! His favourite things to do are eat and sleep on any cosy, warm surface, especially on our laps, or his top favourite place to sleep is in a cardboard box.   He thinks he is a great hunter but all the birds are much too quick for him and always fly away!

    It would be lovely to see some pictures of your pets,

    Have fun,

    Mrs Smith


  • Cooper the Chihuahua!

    Good morning Year 1,

    This week, all of our blogs are about pets. Lots of you saw my tiny little dog Cooper a few weeks ago when I read you a story and since then I have received lots of emails about him.

    He is only 1 so he’s still learning lots! Before lockdown, I took him to Puppy School…see some dogs even go to school just like you! He is a bit cheeky and was more interested in playing with a little Pug puppy rather than listening to the doggy teacher!

    Since lockdown, I have been trying to keep him entertained by playing with him lots in the garden and taking him for extra long walks in the park. Look at the stick he found! I think it’s a bit too big for him!

    Do any of you have pets at home? I’d love to see them…email through some photos and maybe we can share them on a future blog for your friends to see!

    Take care and have a lovely week!

    Miss Bateman