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Year 1

  • Hello Panthers!

    Good morning Panthers,

    We hope you have already made a positive start to your week by having a nice healthy breakfast, making your bed and brushing your teeth.

    As we are not as school for the next 2 weeks, we have recorded a little message for you to help you make a start on your home learning packs.

    If you haven’t received your packs, they will be available for collection on Tuesday 1st December between 9:30-10:00 in the outside shelter at Merry Hill or if you prefer you can email the Panther teachers and we will send them over to you.

    Remember to try your best with all the activities we have set this week, just like you do at school. Remember to email us through any of the work you have finished so we can see your fantastic work!

    Good luck panthers! We can’t wait to hear from you!

    Love from Miss Bateman, Miss O’Donnell and Mrs Gavriel

  • Advent

    Tomorrow is the start of advent which is the countdown to Christmas. Advent reminds Christians of the meaning of Christmas. It reminds Christians to remember and prepare for the birth of Jesus. Christians may also attend carol services as part of Advent, as well as preparing by sending cards and buying gifts.

    Some people use a calendar to help them count down until Christmas. I am going to try and do a different activity each day with my family – you could do the same. Some ideas are:

    • Decorate the Christmas tree/house
    • Write cards to friends and family
    • Bake something for a neighbour
    • Write a letter to someone you care about or haven’t seen for a while
    • Make paper chains
    • Build a den in the garden for shelter for wildlife
    • Make a winter bird feeder
    • Make an ice sculpture and photograph it each day as it changes
    • Read a new book each day
    • Find out about how Christmas is celebrated around the world
    • Help someone around the house
    • Watch a Christmas film
    • Make a festive hot chocolate with cinnamon
    • Go for a night time walk or drive to see local decorations and pretty lights
    • Make a lantern
    • Play a family board game
    • Help make dinner
    • Write a letter to Father Christmas
    • Make a list of all the things you are thankful for
    • Build a den and read a story with your family
    • Toast marshmallows in the garden
    • Go for a walk and hide a note/decorated pebble for a stranger to find
    • Make some reindeer food


    You could challenge yourself to read a new book everyday in the lead up to Christmas – to help you with that here are some links to phonics activities which you might find useful:

    Have fun and enjoy – send us some photos via email to show what you get up to! Get creative!


    The Year 1 team

  • Assault Course Fun!

    Happy Thursday Year 1 Parents!

    You might notice that your children are a little more tired than usual tonight as we spent our afternoon outside completing really a fun assault course.

    We had to use our balancing, running and jumping skills along with remembering to be good teammates and cheering each other along.

    Please talk to your children about what they did and in what order as next week we will be writing a recount of our fun afternoon.

    Have a lovely long weekend,

    The year 1 team

  • No Pen Wednesday!

    Today was no pen Wednesday. We joined thousands of schools across the nation to put down our pens and pencils and focused on our spoken language skills. These skills help us read, write, manage our emotions and develop our friendships!

    Our day included lots of spoken language activities. Both classes performed a fantastic poem all about spaghetti. We explored different voices and even added actions!




  • Friendship

    As this week was Anti-Bullying Week and we have been having lots of discussions about ways to be the best possible friends we can be to everyone! We have been reflecting on steps we can all take if we have a worry or are upset about how someone else has treated us.

    We recapped the steps we should take outside:

    1. Say “stop” and hold your hand out in front of you to signal to the other person to stop
    2. Explain how you feel “I don’t like you chasing me because it makes me scared”
    3. Go to an adult for extra support if necessary

    The Year 1 children were very sensible during all of our circle time’s and recognised that sometimes, because we are often so full of beans and on the move…we can accidentally bump into someone and not meant to hurt their feelings.

    Here are some of our ideas of how to be amazing friends:

    “Ask someone to play with you”

    “Play with different people”

    “Let people join in your games”

    “Use your manners”

    “Smile at your friends”

    “Tell them jokes and make them smile”


    We are very proud of you Year 1’s!

  • Bushey Remembers

     Last week at Merry Hill the children learnt about the importance of remembrance day and why we hold a 2 minute silence on this day.
    We enjoyed making poppies using a variety of media. We gave some of our pictures and poppy rocks to St James’s Church, Bushey and they can be seen around the church and surrounding area. Have a look at the clip below to see them. Lots of our pictures can be seen around school particularly in the courtyard area too.
  • Road Safety Week






    This week is a very important week! It is Road Safety Week.

    It is very important for us all to take care when out and about to make sure we are all safe, especially now the mornings and evenings are getting darker.

    This week in our class assemblies we will be discussing how we can stay safe whilst walking around and when a passenger in a car.

    Below is a short video with the key messages we will be learning about this week…I wonder who can sing along to the song at home?

    It would be lovely if you could discuss with your children ways to stay safe near the roads so all the Year 1’s have lots to contribute in our class discussions this week.

  • Happy Diwali

    Year One have been learning about how light is significant in religious festivals.

    We looked closely at the story of Rama and Sita and made our own diva lamps!

    Diva lamps are lit during the Diwali celebrations to remember that light triumphs over dark and good triumphs over evil.

    We carefully molded clay to create our diva lamps, carving in patterns. Once dry we were then able to decorate them!

    We would like to wish everyone a happy Diwali!

  • Children in Need

    On Friday we will be doing lots of fun activities in aid of Children in Need. In preparation we have been making Pudsey inspired bracelets to wear!

    In the meantime, there are lots of exciting activities you can do at home to raise money!

    Here are a few ideas to get everyone involved:

    • Disco party- who has the best dance moves?
    • An egg and spoon race- who can run the furthest without dropping the egg?
    • Have a treasure hunt around the house- can you find the hidden treats?
    • A healthy bake off making lots of yummy treats!

    We can’t wait for a fun-filled day on Friday- remember to wear sportswear!


  • Remembrance

    This week and next we will be thinking about Remembrance. On 11th November, we remember all those that have fought in wars around the world and those that are still fighting in order for us to have a better life. We are thankful to everyone that has worked towards us having a better future. At 11am on 11th November, people stay silent for two minutes to remember. People often wear poppies as a symbol to show they are thinking about the soldiers that have fought. Sometimes it is known as Poppy Day.

    We have been creating some poppy art to create a display to show that we are thinking about all those that have fought in wars around the world. You might like to create some of your own poppy art at home, perhaps on a pebble, a collage, a painting. Please send us some photos – we’d love to see them.

    You might also like to read or write a poem about remembrance.

  • Welcome back!

    Good  morning, Year 1!

    Welcome back to school. We hope you have all had a relaxing half term and have been enjoying some time with your families.

    On 5th November, there are often bonfires and lots of firework displays as this is a time to remember the story of Guy Fawkes. It is sometimes called Bonfire Night.

    You can read the story here:

    BBC Newsround – Story of Guy Fawkes 

    Many of us won’t be able to go to firework displays this year but you could have fun creating your own firework art instead. You might like to try firework painting or even junk modelling!

    Have fun and stay safe,

    The Year 1 team

  • Poets in the making

    This week we have been reciting some Autumn Poems.

    We have been practising reading the poems aloud with clear, confident speaking voices and have even tried to learn them off by heart!

    These were our favourite poems, maybe you could practise reciting them at home too?

  • Year 1 Love Outdoor Maths!

    This week we got our coats, gloves and hats on to venture outside to do our Maths!

    It was great fun making ‘part part whole models’ to add 2 amounts. We used leaves, stones, twigs and acorns to represent our 2 ‘parts’ and then counted the total to say what our ‘whole’ would be.

    We checked that our ‘whole’ was the biggest number because when you add your answer is always bigger!

    Look at some of our work below:


    Ways you can support at home:

    As your children to teach you how to make part part whole models to add 2 numbers.

    Encourage your child to say what number sentence is represented in their part part whole model “5+6=11. 5 is my part, 6 is my other part and 11 is my whole”.

    Extend your learning further:

    Can you make a ‘part part whole model’ with 3 parts to show how you can add 3 numbers?

    Can you work out the missing part if you have the total and the other part?

  • Toys!

    Year 1 have been learning about Victorian toys and games. We got to explore playing some games outside. We played hop scotch,  skipping and chalk. We spoke about which games we enjoyed playing and why.

    “I like playing hop scotch because I hadn’t played it before!”

    We  also looked at some other Victorian toys – cup and ball and peg dolls. We then had a go at making our own!

    “I’m so proud of making my peg doll! It was so much fun”





    “I did it! I’m so excited to play with my cup and ball toy!”




    We have also been sharing what we have found out about toys from the past at home and some of us have even interviewed our relatives about toys they played with when they were little. You might like to have a go at making another toy of your own at home.

  • Days of the week and months of the year

    Over the last few days, Year 1 have been learning some songs to help them to learn the days of the week and the months of the year.

    You can listen to the songs here:

    Days of the week

    Months of the year


    We have been having so much fun with our singing and have even learnt a dance and some actions to go with them! Why don’t you practise these at home and teach someone in your family the words and actions!


    The Year 1 Team