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Year 2

  • Mini Mondrians in the making.

    We are really enjoying our Mindful Mondays and practising our art skills.

    We have been learning to mix primary colours to  make secondary colours using oil pastels and blending white and black to make varying tones.

    Here we are completing colour wheels.



    In the next few weeks we will be creating a Mondrian master piece of our own. Keep checking the blog to see our creations.

  • Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers

    We have been reading Here We Are by Oliver Jeffers.

    We have spent a lot of time looking at the pictures and thinking about the wonderful planet we live on.

    We copied Oliver and made a giant page about the different types of people there are on planet earth. We drew ourselves as we would like to look doing things we like to do.

    Oliver wrote this book as a guide to earth for his baby son.

    We listened to “Wonderful World” sung by Louis Armstrong and thought about the lyrics and what they meant to us.

    Watch Louis Armstrong sing Wonderful World

    We wrote letters about the “Wonderful World” we live in.

    Well done Seren, Ella and Yuna. Some lovely reasons why Earth is a wonderful place.

  • Step counting

    This week in Year 2 we have been learning to count up in steps of 2, 5 and 10.

    We really enjoyed using the natural resources we found outside to make groups of 2 and 5 and then used chalk to draw our number lines. We also drew around our hands to make number lines for counting in fives. We decided our fingers were very helpful for this!


  • Maths

    This week in Maths we have been busy comparing numbers and recapping our knowledge of the teen numbers.

    We used playing cards and objects from around the classroom to compare our values with our partners. Now we are in Year 2 we are trying really hard to use lots of different mathematical vocabulary when doing so.

    In the last few days we have been using counters, bead strings and dienes to recap the place value in numbers up to 20. We have also been using our voices to demonstrate our understanding. We loved watching each other on the big whiteboard and were able to give our friends lots of smiles and thumbs up for their hard work.

    Click here to hear our Maths (7 downloads)

    Next week will be learning to count up in steps of 2, 3, 5 and 10.


  • Mindful Mondays

    Today saw the launch of our “Mindful Monday” sessions.

    Every Monday we will spend the morning exploring Art and Design topics and finding time to focus and reflect on ourselves and our work.

    This Monday we spent time discussing “What is art?” and admiring our new, very grown up sketchbooks. Then we each drew one of our shoes.

    We had time to wander around the classroom and look at each other’s work.

    We will revisit this activity later in the school year and see how our drawing develops.

    Here are some of our master pieces:

  • Spelling tips

    Hello Year 2,

    We found this website full of fun spelling ideas to use over the holidays. They might be useful to use to help you remember your spellings ready for Year 3.

  • One Last Story

  • Dream Bottles

    We didn’t get to go on our trip to Bucks County Museum but if we had we would have visited the Roald Dahl Gallery and made our own dream bottle from the story of The BFG.

    If you have an interesting jar or bottle at home, collect shiny, furry, sparkly bits to represent the type of dream you would like to have. Mine would have Harry Potter colours in it, maybe a matchstick broom and a spell. Then put it by your bed and see if it works.

    We hope you may get a chance to visit The Roald Dahl Gallery in the future. It’s a great day out. Here is the website for future reference:

  • Book Reviews

    Hello Year 2,

    Hopefully you spotted some books you would like to read from the reading list on Mondays post. Some of your friends have some books they would like to recommend to you as well. Here are their book reviews.


  • Find the Difference

    Hi Year 2,

    This week in Maths we have been finding the difference. Have a look at this game to secure your knowledge of finding the difference. If you have younger brothers or sisters you might even like to teach it to them.



  • Reading List

    Hello Year 2,

    Lots of you have been busy reading at home. We have had lots of e-mails to tell us about the books you have enjoyed. Watch out on the blog later this week for some book reviews your friends have written.

    Click the link below to see some recommended books for Year 2. You might like to read some of them over the summer holidays as part of the library challenge.

    [Download not found]


  • Lets play a Maths Game

    Hello Year 2 Maths Whizzes,

    Here’s a few games you could have a go at.

    You could turn them into a competition and play with or against your family members.



  • Sports Week


    Hi Year 2,

    We hope you enjoyed sports week. Thank you for all the videos you sent us of your throwing and catching. Here’s the finished video. We hope you enjoy watching it.


  • Leaders

    Hello Giraffes and Bears

    This week we are thinking more about the work of religious leaders.

    Do you remember in January, before we visited the Church of St Peter, we talked about the job of the Vicar and we wrote some questions to ask him about his job in Bushey?

    If you look at the slides I have attached, you will see some important religious leaders. They have to think not only about the people in their place of worship but about others all over the world. Sometimes their decisions can affect people from different religions or those who have no religion too.

    Look at the slides and then choose a sheet to do. There are challenges for each sheet, read them carefully before you fill them in.

    I am missing you all. Keep safe and hopefully we will see you back in school before the end of term.

    Mrs de Smith

  • Sports Week

    Hello Year 2,


    As you already know this week is sports week.

    Some of the Year 2 children have been very busy at home keeping active.

    Maya had her own sports day at home with her family.



    Rian has been taking over the role of Joe Wicks and has made up some workouts of his own. He always remembers to include a warm up at the beginning and a cool down at the end. Here is Rian with his alphabet workout.


    Can you spell out your name using Rian’s workout plan? Or you could try some of your friend’s and families names. Which one was the hardest to do? Why?


    Would you like to hold a family sports day? You will need to plan our the activities and races you will do and make sure you have all the equipment needed. Don’t forget to think about how you will record the results.

    Or maybe you would like to design your own Joe Wicks workout?

    Remember to e-mail us to tell us what you have been up to. We will post your pictures and workouts on the blog next week so your friends can try them out too.