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Year 2

  • Great Fire of London

    On Wednesday we enjoyed sharing our knowledge about The Great Fire of London with our friends. We looked at houses in 1666 and compared them to our houses. We noticed that they all had wooden beams on and that they were larger at the top than the bottom.

    We had great fun making our own Tudor houses. Look how busy we were –


    Here are some of the finished houses.

  • No Pens Day Wednesday

    This Wednesday we joined hundreds of schools nationally by putting our pens and pencils away and using our Speaking and Listening skills to learn instead.

    What is No Pens Day Wednesday?

    Take a look at the assembly below which really got us all thinking:

    no-pens-day-wednesday-primary-assembly.pdf (1 download)

    We were startled to discover the importance of a good vocabulary for future success.

    Then we spent the day learning through “talk”.

    Here we are doing our phonics:








    Practising the art of conversation:


    Maths outdoors – measuring and recording without pencils:

    History and art – learning through instruction and good listening:

    Question and answer games and inventing our own animal riddles:

    We learned such a lot without using a pencil or a pen.

  • Children in Need

    Thank you to our School Councillors for making excellent workouts for us to exercise to as part of BBC Children in Need.

    Here are the workouts for you to try at home and pictures of us all getting very tired out as we took part in them.

    Cecilys-Workout.pdf (3 downloads)

    Theos-workout.pdf (1 download)



  • Mindful Mondays

    This half term Year 2 will be learning about, designing and making vehicles during our Mindful Mondays sessions.

    We learned out about Kiichiro Toyoda who founded the Toyota Motor Corporation and spent time identifying the parts on toy vehicles and exploring how they move.

    We were particularly interested in exploring the Toyota kids website where we found an interesting video showing production of the cars in action. Take a look here –

    The children were interested to find out that vehicles need wheels and axles to move and decided that in order to work effectively wheels and axles should be ‘stable and strong’ and ‘move in a straight line’.  They loved using a variety of equipment to test out different ways to make wheels and axles and used Seesaw to record their work by videoing them in action and then speaking over the top to evaluate them against the design criteria.

    Look at all the different materials they used. Which one do you think fits the design criteria best?


  • Bushey Remembers

     Last week at Merry Hill the children learnt about the importance of remembrance day and why we hold a 2 minute silence on this day.
    We enjoyed making poppies using a variety of media. We gave some of our pictures and poppy rocks to St James’s Church, Bushey and they can be seen around the church and surrounding area. Have a look at the clip below to see them. Lots of our pictures can be seen around school particularly in the courtyard area too.
  • Mondrian

    Last half term we shared lots of “Mindful Monday” updates with you whilst learning about Mondrian.

    At the end of half term our hard work was celebrated in the form of beautiful class displays and we thought you would like to see them.





    Can you spot yours?

    What a lot of budding artists we have in our midst.

  • Talking Turkeys

    This week in English we have been learning about the poet Benjamin Zephaniah.

    We listened to his telling his poem ‘Talking Turkeys’ and then we had a go at writing our own versions.

    Here is Benjamin Reading ‘Talking Turkeys’.


    Here are some of our poems about the things that matter to us in the style of ‘Talking Turkeys’.


  • Geography

    This week in Geography we have been learning about the 7 continents of the world.

    We started by using Google Earth to view the earth and slowly zoomed further and further in until we found Merry Hill School. We had lots of answers to the question – Where are we? Ideas included England, on earth, Bushey, Hertfordshire, at school, in the United Kingdom and on the carpet.

    The teachers told us that we also live on something called a continent. We learnt that a continent is a large solid area of land. They didn’t tell us what the 7 continents were called though – that was our job to investigate! We used atlases to find out and then used the iPads to label them on a map of the world.

    Some of us also decided to spell out the names of the continents using the toys in our classrooms. Can you work out which continent they spell?

  • Pirate Adventures Continued…

    Last week in Year 2 we continued to talk about our pirate adventure and Bear’s were very relieved to finally find the treasure after thinking it had been lost due to a hole in our boat.

    Following on from our adventure we wrote a recount because we wanted to share our adventure with others. Look at some of our wonderful writing.

    After writing our recounts we helped each other to read and edit our work. We are getting better and better at using our green pens to improve our spelling and punctuation.

  • Autumn Crafts


    In the Summers’ household we have adopted a snow leopard and a tiger through The World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Each month we receive an update about how the animals are doing in wild and we also get a “Go Wild” magazine which is full of fun activities to do. I thought I would share a couple with you in case you went on an autumn walk over half term and wanted to do something crafty.

    Leaf Art

    The leaves are falling from the deciduous trees are they are a range of beautiful colours. WWF suggest collecting as many different colours and shapes as you can and use them to make animal pictures. Don’t forget to take some pictures and email them to us.

    Leaf Lantern

    Choose some colourful autumn leaves from the floor and flatten them by putting them in between two heavy books.

    Take a recycled glass jar and cut two pieces of greaseproof paper big enough to cover the jar.

    Spread glue over one sheet of greaseproof and arrange your leaves on the glue.

    Put glue over the leaves and place the other piece of greaseproof over the top. Put the heavy books on the paper until it is dry.

    Cover the jar with the greaseproof paper.

    Put a battery powered tea light inside. You have made an Autumn Leaf Lantern.

    Enjoy your half term break!

  • Being Thankful

    This week in RE we learnt about the Harvest Festival. We found out about the history and importance of the celebration among religious communities. We learnt that Harvest Festival is a celebration of the harvest and food grown on the land. It is about giving thanks for food as well as for all the good and positive things in our lives such as family and friendships. We had a class discussion about things that we are grateful for and there were some lovely responses such as being thankful for our home, our family and our food.

    We then made class wreaths, writing down the things we are thankful for on leaves and acorns. There were plenty of amazing ideas which you can see below!


  • A Pirate Adventure

    We are learning to write recounts in English. First we learned a recount using the text Katie in London.

    We searched for the features of a recount – time order, past tense, noun phrases, proper nouns and

    pro nouns.

    Then we went on a Pirate Adventure with Captain Long Hair.

    First we sailed the seven seas,

    Next we watched a beautiful, golden sunset,

    After that we crossed the shark infested ocean,

    Then we survived a ferocious storm,

    Finally we reached a deserted treasure island and searched for two items of treasure.

    When we got back to school we made treasure maps of our adventure to help us remember the time order and help us with our writing.

    It was lots of fun. I wonder where our next adventure will take us.

  • Changing and Growing

    This week in Science We have been having great fun.

    We loved looking at baby photos of each other and trying to guess who was who. We definitely found some easier to work out than others. It led to in-depth discussions about how they have changed and grown over the last few years and about the things they can now do that they couldn’t as babies and toddlers. The teachers have been amazed at how much the children can remember from their early lives.

    As well as looking back we have also been thinking about the future and what we might be like in 10 to 20 years time. Lots of us think we might be at secondary school or at college or university. Some of us are looking forward to learning to drive and to having jobs of our own.

    We also thought ahead to what life might be like when we are much older, possibly even 100 years old. We worked hard on the iPads to age ourselves and we’re even able to record our ideas about life when we were elderly. Here are some of our photos.


  • Mindful Mondays

    We are really enjoying our creative starts to the week.

    This week we experimented with colour mixing by using only the primary colours to make secondary colours.

    We used pastels, tissue paper and paints to mix our own shades of green, orange and purple.

    We will be choosing our favourite shades to recreate in our own Mondrian masterpieces that we are creating next week.

  • Technology Homework

    This half term we have asked pupils to go on a technology hunt around their houses.

    We have had some really creative homework emailed in. Some pupils have videoed themselves identifying the technologies whilst using technology. Some have made brainstorms and others have made extensive lists.

    Each time we have shared a technology homework we spot something that no one else has thought of so far – like the SAT NAV in a car or an electric toothbrush.

    Here are a few we have looked at so far.

    Caitlin was the first person to include the car in her technology homework.

    This was an inventive way to record your technology homework Nico.

    Great ideas Ethan

    Oscar went through every room of his house, took photos and listed the technology he found.

    We have discovered that when we start looking for it we find technology is in every corner of our homes.