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World Book Day

Welcome to World Book Day 2021 at Merry Hill

We wanted to do something that would bring us altogether and hope that you enjoy the accompanying fun and creative activities designed by our wonderful team. To personalise the day for your child/ren we thought you could choose the book and its accompanying activities. See below:

  1. Choose from one of the four multicultural books listed (there is a blurb about each to help with this)
  2. Listen to the story read by one of our amazing parents
  3. Complete the three activities for your chosen book
  4. Join in with your class zoom meet to share your costume or favourite book and say hello to your friends

There are many poignant themes appearing in these books and you may wish to explore these. Please adapt the day to suit your child and have fun!

World Book Day

The World Book Day team are inviting families to join in with their Show Your Shares competition.  Please click on the link below for full details of the competition.


Or you can enter their Design a Book Token competition where you could win HUNDREDS of pounds worth of books for you, your children and their school.  Again please click the link below for further information.