Pebble Painting

The children in Reception, like the rest of the school, have been busy painting pebbles as part of our Art work.

As the children enjoyed this activity we revisited it this week as part of Mental Health Week.

“I liked doing this, I wanted to do it again” Rhiannon

When asked how it made them feel:

“I liked making one for Mummy, it will make her happy,” Antonia

Another child chose to do the Pebble decoration because “I’ve been so busy, this is nice and quiet.” Freddie

This is a creative  and calming activity. Perhaps you would like to decorate pebbles at home using Sharpie pens or paint, or another calming activity such as

  • mindfulness colouring
  • reading together, perhaps under a cosy blanket
  • make a list of nice things you could do for someone you know, such as a phone call, Facetime, make them a card or do a small job for instance, make your bed to  help them.
  • plan an outing with a grown up that you like to do for instance, going to the zoo or having a picnic.