Phonics Fun – Phonic Bus – The S Route

Hi everyone!

We’ll be taking on a new format from this week.   There will be one weekly Phonics Fun post for Nursery  children, although you are welcome to continue with the Reception phonics .  This is because Reception have now branched out wholly into another phase of their phonic learning which Nursery children will not yet have had enough of a firm foundation to build on.  There will be a range of activities for you to do throughout the week to support their learning of the weekly sound, but as always, mix and match and go with your child’s interest.

We’re back on the phonic bus and this week’s route is the ‘s’ route.   Get the things you need that have the same beginning sound as Ssssssnake does.  Possible things you might have at home would be a spoon, sandals, a scarf, a sandwich, sweets or snacks, a star.  Young children often find this a challenging sound and can make a ‘th’ sound instead.  Make sure that you are very clear in your pronounciation and model whenever they use words with that sound.

Writing –  Writing the letter S is a fun whole body experience.  Ask them to not only use their magic fingers to write but also their whole bodies, curving around as the letter  S does.   Use soap suds to write with.  ‘Scribbling’ is an early form of writing and how children practice key movements such as circles which helps when writing letters like a and c or lines they need to form to make letters like t or x.   It’s also building up important muscles that they will need to use to form letters.  It’s really important to value and encourage this step in their development.



Phonics Bus

How to play- Any toy vehicle will do.  You could use a cereal/tissue box and decorate it to look like a bus.  Find things that have the initial sound of the digraph ch anything you have that fills the criteria is perfect.  You can extend this to include words which have the sound at the end or middle of the word.  Remember it’s the sound you need to listen out for not the spelling.  Suggested items  – sock, sunglasses, a toy snake, a bathtoy submarine, cereal, circus (remember it’s the sound not the spelling we’re learning about), a toy squirrel.  .  Remember to name each of the objects, making sure that your child knows what it is and can identify and pronounce the sound.  Lay out the items you’ve gathered so that your child can clearly see them.  Making the sound you’d like them to find, ask your child to choose something with that beginning sound.  Put that sound ‘passenger’ on the bus.  Say the little rhyme with the children.  Phonics bus, phonics bus, who’s/what’s coming for a ride on/in the phonics bus?!  

A few tips –  view it a few times, you’ll notice different things each time.  Modify to make things work for you, use what you’ve got in the house, don’t feel obliged to buy resources.  Dip in and out of the games adding to your repertoire.   If it’s fun your child will want to play again and again!  Any questions about the pronunciation please check the Jolly Phonics and Oxford Owl sites or email.

Have fun and enjoy!

Until next time, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your noggins (brains) on for good learning.

Take care and stay safe, 

The Nursery & Reception Team