Phonics Fun R and B

Hello everyone,

Welcome to our first recorded phonics session.  Parents – do your best, with practice you’ll get the hang of it.  It’s meant to be fun and a game that your child/ren may begin to play independently.  The games chosen will be ones that the children are familiar with and there are a  variety of ways to play them.  This is a learning curve for all of us and with feedback and practice we’ll rock this together!  I have been teaching phonics for many years and am still learning new tricks and question myself all the time whether I sounded that out the right way.  You’ll soon notice the huge differences in our videos as our confidence rose.  This was our first, we left our ‘blooper’ in so that you can see we don’t always get it right either.

Don’t worry about the writing – this is for extension and if your child is interested.  Forcing them to sit and write will turn them off,  better to ‘write’ using flour/rice/pasta/sticks/play dough,  etc to make the letters of their name and the sounds we go over.  This is an introduction and by no means should you feel that if they’re not doing the writing side of things you’re not doing it well.  Remember – little and often, find your opportunities and revisit.  Just because they’re not interested one day, does not mean they won’t be interested the next.  It’s the approach we use at school.  Do one sound a day if you can and mix them up as you go along.

Cross the River

How to play- If you’ve got something that you could use as the ‘river’, fantastic.  We used some blue fabric but any blanket/scarf, etc. would do.  Find things that have the initial sound of the letters (R & B), anything you have that fills the criteria is perfect.  Remember to name each of the objects, making sure that your child knows what it is and can identify and pronounce them!  Then make the sound you’d like them to use and ask your child to find something with that beginning sound.  You could start with just one sound and a few random objects building it up as their confidence grows or add a second/third sound as the weeks progress.  You can change the activities to sound out the whole word so that your child can extend their learning and older children can play too. Take your lead from your them.

A few tips –  view it a few times, you’ll notice different things each time.  Have fun, if it’s a chore you won’t do it and learning simply won’t happen.  Make things work for you, use what you’ve got in the house, don’t feel obliged to buy resources. We intentionally choose things you’re likely to have at home. Dip in and out of the games being played, change them however you like, if it’s fun and it works then go for it!  It will get easier and you’ll get into the rhythm of it.  There’s loads of information on the internet if you’ve got questions about the sounds check out the Jolly Phonics Phase 2 words and actions videos on youtube (there are many to choose from), email or we can discuss when we have our regular chats.

Have fun and enjoy!

The Nursery Team