Phonics Fun – What’s in the Bag? Qu

Hello everyone,

We’re playing What’s in the Bag today.  It’s an especially fun game because of the element of surprise and it can be adapted in so many ways.  Today’s sound is the qu sound.  Remember to name each of the objects you collect, making sure that your child knows what it is and can identify and pronounce the sound.  It’s a tricky sound for children to say.

This is a tricky sound to write for little ones because there is so much to remember!  Two letters and one that’s pretty quirky with a flick at the end.  Keep pluggin’ away at it.  This is definitely one to start writing in flour/rice/mud.  The more space you can use, the better.  Try writing this sound on aluminum foil.  The indentation on the foil gives it an added sensory element too.  They could use their fingers and/or nails which would require a bit of pressure, building up their fine and gross motor skills.

What’s in the Bag

How to play- Find things that have the sound ‘qu’, you’ll notice that in squash the sound is the second sound in the word.  Anything you have that fits the criteria and remembering it’s the sound you need to listen out for not the spelling.  You can either do this with your child or you can ‘surprise’ them and they have to guess the game.   Suggested items  – quilt, question mark, squash, square, squash (as in drink or flattening something), squeeze, quiz.    You can also gather a few items which haven’t got the qu sound so that children can discriminate and it’s another way of playing the game.   Sing the song   What’s in the Bag?  What’s in the Bag?  Let’s see, let’s see, what’s in the bag?  Begin to pull something out of the bag.  Ask your child what the object is and what beginning sound it has.  Alternatively, ask  them if it’s got the sound we’re looking for.  You can change the activities to use other sounds  to extend their learning or you could sound out the whole word for them to find and siblings can play too.  As always, take your lead from them.  There are so many different ways to play this game that the sky’s the limit.  Please adapt as you like.

A few tips –  view it a few times, you’ll notice different things each time.  Make things work for you, use what you’ve got in the house, don’t feel obliged to buy resources.  Dip in and out of the games adding to your repertoire.  Change the game to include initial sounds we’ve used so far or use rhyming objects.  If it’s fun your child will want to play again and again!  Any questions about the pronunciation please check the Jolly Phonics and Oxford Owl sites or email.

Have fun and enjoy!

Until next time, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your noggins (brains) on for good learning.

Take care and stay safe, 

The Nursery & Reception Team