Phonics Fun – Wild Wednesday sh and ch

Hello everyone,

Wild Wednesday has come around quickly!  We’re going on a sound hunt in the playground today; can you find the sounds we’ve been learning?  Grab the toys from earlier this week for the sh sound like shirt,  and the ch sound like in chicken.  Grab those coats and to get outside for our fun phonic adventure!

Writing – Today we’ve used chalk to write with but you can use anything – the dirt,  branches, sticks or stones to form the shapes of the letters or maybe you have a clipboard you could use.  Focus on the digraphs rather than whole word writing or focus on writing any of the letters they’d like, writing their names, thinking of other names/words with these sounds?

How to play- Display the objects around a large space where you have some room to write.  Ask your child to sort the objects into the two categories.  You could support by offering clues like ‘you put it on your feet’ or ‘it is sparkly’, or sound out the words b-r-u-sh, ch-i-ll-i.  You can extend their learning by asking them to make a  list of things.  Another way to play is to sound out the whole word for them to find, for instance s-qu-a-sh.

A few tipsAn interesting and a fantastic opportunity to talk about the crazy oddities in our language is the ch sound in the name Charlotte, for instance or the sh sound in sugar.  English is not a phonetic language. The easiest way children understand this is to say that ‘the letters are trying to trick you, don’t let them trick you!’  (saying this in a funny voice helps). This turns it into a challenge and a game and prepares them for the ‘tricky words’ (was, go, to, etc) they will come across when formal teaching of reading begins. The English language has had so many influences it’s hard for adults to understand all the rules and the thousands of exceptions, let alone children.  

As always multiple views please, you’ll notice different things each time.  Use lower case when writing please.   If they’re really not hearing the sounds or continue to mispronounce it’s a matter of repeating, drip feeding and saturating them with the correct sound.  Use every opportunity to model how you want them to say it.

Have fun and enjoy!

Until next time, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your noggins (brains) on for good learning.

Take care, stay safe, 

The Nursery & Reception Team