Quiz Time!

Good morning Year 1!

I hope you are all well.

Firstly, just to say well done if you tried out my ‘Boggle’ quiz last week! The Year 1 team were delighted to see that Millie, Leah and Sean had uploaded their answers to Seesaw! It would be lovely to see a few more for this week’s quiz.

This week, I have a number puzzle for you to try. Here are 4 numbers:-

2 4 8 3


Your job is to use these numbers to try and make these totals by adding two or more of the numbers together:-

9                              10                                  11                               12                                    13                                     14                                15


So, for example, to make the number 10, you would add the 8 and the 2.

8 + 2=10

Remember! You can only use the numbers 2, 4, 8 and 3. You cannot use the same number more than once in a number sentence.

I look forward to seeing your answers on Seesaw!

Mrs Gavriel