Quiz Time!

Good morning Year 1!

Thank you so much to everyone who had a go at my general knowledge quiz last week – it was lovely to see so many of your answers on Seesaw!

I will now share the answers with you so that you can see how many you got right…

  1. The opposite of loud is quiet.
  2. You would do backstroke in swimming.
  3. Humpty Dumpty fell off a wall.
  4. We use our tongue for tasting.
  5. Monday is the day that comes after Sunday.
  6. Bread is a solid.
  7. Ten more than 26 is 36.
  8. There are four 5p pieces in 20p.
  9. We live on planet Earth.
  10. Polar bears live in the Arctic.


Let’s move on to this week’s quiz now!

Written below are some Animal Anagrams for you to try. An anagram is a word that has been written with the letters in the wrong order.  For example, cat might be written as tca.

Can you try and unscramble these animal names?

  1. wco
  2. bbirat
  3. igetr
  4. arbe
  5. ogd
  6. rhmatse
  7. nloi
  8. oietosrt
  9. lubl
  10. serho


Good luck Year 1 and I look forward to seeing your answers on Seesaw!

Mrs Gavriel