Reception Activity Pack – 23rd March

Dear Parents,

We have prepared the following lists of recommended reading books as well as useful websites for children who are currently not in school.

We would like to remind you that a huge part of our Early Years Foundation stage is to learn through play. Therefore, we would recommend that children sit for short stints of four (reading, maths, literacy, phonics) 10 – 15 minute sessions to complete their home learning activities and to use the rest of their time to engage in child initiated play. This would include activities such as arts and crafts, role play games (doctors, teachers, superheroes), constructions (which can include junk modelling) and hands on activities such as cooking and gardening.  If you are stuck for ideas or need some inspiration then if possible download the Pinterest app or visit their website and search “child initiated early years” or “early years activities”.

We look forward to seeing all of the wonderful things you get up to!

The Reception Team