Roald Dahl

We are huge fans of Roald Dahl stories in Year 2.  Over the year we have enjoyed listening to them during our snack times and some of the children are reading them themselves.

This week in English, each table received an envelope containing the clues to a Roald Dahl character. The children worked together to create a picture from the clues. Can you guess who they are?

At the end of Year 2 we learn about a significant children’s author, finding out where they got their ideas, what kind of a person they were and interesting events in their lives. Roald Dahl is particularly fascinating. Did you know he was once a spy? 

Did you know he worked with Walt Disney?

Did you know he was an inventor?

Did you know he was a pilot in the war and survived a plane crash?

We will be learning lots more about him in our final weeks at Merry Hill but if you have had your interest sparked here is a website full of information:

If you are looking for a day out then Roald’s home village of Great Missenden have walking trails highlighting places that appear in his stories and the footprints of the BFG by his grave.

There is also an amazing museum there with the gates to Charlie’s chocolate factory at the entrance.

Finally, as an adult, I would recommend reading ‘Boy’ and ‘Going Solo’ as they are biographies written in Roald’s unmistakeable style. What a WHIZZPOPPING, SCRUMDIDDLYUMPTIOUS   life he led!