Rounding to the nearest 10.

This week in Maths Year 2 have been learning to round 2 digit numbers up and down to find the nearest 10.

We learnt that if the last digit is 5 or more then we should round up to the next 10 and if the last digit is less than 5 then we should round down. We used equipment, such as beadstrings and numicon, to work out whether each number should be rounded up and down, and used our voices to explain to our friends why we had made our choice.

We also watched this clip to help us remember when we should round up and down.

Look how much fun we had together playing a rounding game.


We then used our knowledge of rounding to support our addition and subtraction work. We realised that if we rounded one of the numbers in the number sentence to the closes ten that it made it easier to find the answer. We had to remember to re-balance the number sentence at the end – for example, if we had borrowed one to round 9 up to 10, then we had to give it back at the end. Have a look at some of the rounding we did here to help us.

How you can support your child at home

  • When out and about look out for numbers in the environment – identify the 2 tens either side of the number – identify which multiple of ten it is closest to.
  • When shopping, ask your child to find the total of 2 items that you will buy – round one of the number to the nearest ten, to help work out the calculation. Remember to re-balance at the end!