Send a Hug

Hello Reception,

I hope you are well, if you are anything like my children, they have been wanting to speak to their family and friends online. Here is an idea you can do so they receive something in the post, its always very exciting to get something through the post. My girls and I will be doing this today to send to their Grandparents who live in Dorset. Put all your love into this, I’m sure they will feel it when they open it.

Take care and I will see you all soon, Mrs Slight

Send a Hug

What you need:
Card /paper

What to do:
1) Pour your paint out and paint your hands and press them down onto the card.

2) Wash your hands!! We don’t want hand prints everywhere!

3) Leave your handprints to dry completely.

4) Once they are dry, cut out your handprints.

5) Get an adult to help you to choose your length of string and measure out your wingspan and cut the string.

6) Tape your string to the hands and there is your hug all ready for the person you are thinking of!!

Why not make a card as well to send the hug in or write a message on the hands.