Sink Play

Something we love doing at school is small world play. Small world play is playing with small toys such as cars, animals, dinosaurs, dolls etc.  Maybe you could do some small world play at home in your sink?

Look at these amazing sink play scenes.


Can you make a sink home for your favourite animal?
Maybe you could create a story for your animal to act out in the sink?
Can you use some story language like ‘one sunny morning’, ‘suddenly’ or ‘but’?
Challenge: Make up a story for your sink adventure. Write a series of punctuated sentences.

More sink play ideas:
Use foil to make a space scene (make sure you make a hole for the plug)
Colour the water with a tiny drop of food colouring
Make a race track or train track round the edge

Could you write a space, car or fairy themed sentence/ story instead?