Small world

Hello Reception,

We have all loved playing with our indoor and outdoor small world.

We have also really enjoyed Wednesdays blogs on Dinosaur facts.

During the summer holidays how about creating your own small world?

It could be a Dinosaur garden or a Fairy garden? You can  use anything from a small world theme.

It is lots of fun and will keep you very busy, maybe you can paint a rock red and orange with acrylic paint and it could be a volcano for the Dinosaurs to run away from or paint small pebbles to make a path leading to a Fairy tree house.

Please send us your photos we would love to see them.

All you need:

Large wide garden pot

Potting soil



Twigs and sticks

Small plants/herbs or plastic plants

Small plastic Dinosaurs or Fairies

You can add a small plastic bowl and dig  it into  the soil then fill it with water for a lake.

Watch these videos to give you some ideas :