One piece of equipment that gets used a lot in Reception is the class Smartboard. The adults use them to enhance the children’s learning and the children love to use them for a range of purposes. Phonics games form a part of the children’s daily work. They love to see if they can beat their time for getting all their sounds right, practising tricky words or playing Maths games to support their learning.

The Smartboards are often used as part of the children’s child initiated learning. Children often choose to draw or write on the boards and many times the adults have observed the children teaching each other Phonics and Maths work.

As the children have gone deeper into retelling and rewriting stories the Smartboards have been used¬† to support this, including detailed storymaps of Jasper’s Beanstalk and The Very Hungry Caterpillar.

The children are knowledgeable about how to change pen colour and size.

“You press this (the side bar) and you can choose from all these colours. If you press the rainbow you get even more!”

“You press this to get the pen to be thick or thin.”