Some more activities

Happy First of May everyone!

It’s been very blustery and rainy these last few days.  There’s a saying ‘good weather for ducks’.  What do you think that means?  Would you say it on a rainy day or a sunny day? How else could you describe the recent weather?

I’ve been trying to dodge the rain drops on my walks but I’ve gotten pretty wet.  I’ve seen rainbows and some big puddles too.  It reminded me of when we read that book on rain, Splishy, Splash, Splash.  Do you remember it too?  It was a long time ago, November of last year.  It was before Christmas even!  That seems like a very long time ago now.  Do you remember using the really big sponges, soaking them in water and pretending they were rain clouds?  My favourite bit was when we jumped in the puddles!  We got a bit wet even though we wore our wellies and had to change our clothes but we didn’t mind one bit, we had soooooo much fun!!!!    Fancy some virtual puddle jumping with me?!

Mrs Hill found some really lovely ideas on Pinterest  that are easy to do at home and you can use anything around the house (see the links below) .  It doesn’t need to be the same as the pictures, you can choose to do it anyway you like.  There’s no rush either.  Taking your time over things and trying different ways of doing them is being really resilient and using your noggin.   You could make a nest for the ducks or make some bird food.  You could make some binoculars to decorate and then use them to bird watch.  Be patient, and very still when you bird watch, you don’t want to scare them away.  Be persistent.  Lots of ideas for you.  I know that Mrs Hill would love to see your creations so please email if you’re able to.

We’ll have some new things for you to do on Monday.  I will be reading another story.  Mrs Mitzman is working on some mindfulness things for you to do as she knows how much you enjoy your breathing and yoga, maybe everyone at your house might like to join in.

Until then children, do good looking for adventures, clean out your ears for good listening and turn on your brains for good learning.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay safe.

Mrs Howe