Space Binoculars

Space Binoculars

Now you can search space for rockets!

What you need:
2 empty toilet rolls
Paint or felt tips
Glitter, stickers, ribbon

What to do:

1) Make sure the toilet rolls are empty and decorate them as you like. You could paint them black and cover them in glitter like space or you can draw spaceships and aliens on them.

2) Put a strip of glue along one the roll and stick the other toilet roll to it. Hold it together or fasten it with a paperclip while it dries.

3) Measure the string so it is the length of your arm, from your shoulder to your longest finger.

4) With an adult, make a hole either side of the rolls and thread the string through. Tie a knot and attatch it the other side. You now have somewhere to hang your binoculars!!

Check out this link for some space facts and other things:

Have a lovely weekend everyone.