Sports Day! ☀️

This week we have focused on getting ready for our very first Sports Day! We were very lucky with the weather and had a lovely day full of fun and to end it with a picnic was the icing on the cake!

Throughout the week we took part in different activities in order to practice how to work together as a team.  Not only did we have to make sure we can work alongside our Nursery friends, but we also had to work with the Reception children and teachers as well!



The teachers were very impressed with how well everyone took part in the different activities and by the children’s eagerness to try new games.  I think the children especially enjoyed the water race and getting wet to cool off in the hot sun.

The races went very well and everyone had a fabulous time.  We are extremely proud of how well the children coped with a very different type of day, how well they listened to our instructions and their ability to work together as team and demonstrate true sportsmanship!

We hope you have a fabulous weekend!
The Nursery team xx