Sports Week

Hello Year 2,


As you already know this week is sports week.

Some of the Year 2 children have been very busy at home keeping active.

Maya had her own sports day at home with her family.



Rian has been taking over the role of Joe Wicks and has made up some workouts of his own. He always remembers to include a warm up at the beginning and a cool down at the end. Here is Rian with his alphabet workout.


Can you spell out your name using Rian’s workout plan? Or you could try some of your friend’s and families names. Which one was the hardest to do? Why?


Would you like to hold a family sports day? You will need to plan our the activities and races you will do and make sure you have all the equipment needed. Don’t forget to think about how you will record the results.

Or maybe you would like to design your own Joe Wicks workout?

Remember to e-mail us to tell us what you have been up to. We will post your pictures and workouts on the blog next week so your friends can try them out too.