Super Writing

This week we are thinking about what makes a good set of instructions. These children are already experts at instruction writing. We have loved reading your instructions and we think they would be very easy to follow.

Yummy – Isaac’s Alien Food instructions:

Chloe has correctly  sequenced these instructions:

Cassius has written out the instructions he followed to make some delicious cakes:

We have also loved reading your stories.

This one is all about a beautiful bat and is written by Isabella:

Joseph has written a story about his own made up character ‘The Oderfly’.  I was lucky enough to receive a video of Joseph reading his story once it was finished. It had a great ending. Georgie has been writing a diary everyday. Here’s one of her entries. I’ve noticed her handwriting is getting better and better everyday.

Dexter has been attending his home school everyday and sending updates. Here he is sorting homophone pairs.

Thank you Zach for these tricky tongue twisters:


Here’s Finleys tongue twister:

Tell the tale of a stripey tail who stole a tail from a female snail.
The female snail loved her tail as much as any female.
That is the end of my tale. 
Daniel and Alex have both been reading at home. Here are their book reviews:
Jasper and Ellie have both made fact files about Africa. They both taught Miss Honnor something she didn’t already know.








Keep sending us your work. We love to see what you have been up to.