Swimming with Ancient Reptiles!

I hope you enjoyed  the mental health awareness blog, and I know you will be showing everyone around you kindness!

Last week we looked into some amazing facts about the largest flying reptile Quetzalcoatlus, and this week we’ll be taking a plunge into the Jurassic seas. Just like our oceans/seas today, they were bustling with life,  full of creatures from giant fish to colourful reptiles and terrifying crocodiles. One amazing creature was Opthalmosaurus, an Ichthyosaur that looked very much like a Dolphin!

Did You Know?

·  Opthalmosaurus specialised in eating squid, due to its specially adapted jaw.

·  Ophthalmosaurus means “eye lizard” in Greek, which is no doubt due to its extremely large eyes that could measure 9 inches across!

·    It’s large eyes were thought to help it hunt in dark, gloomy conditions where there was little light.


  • If you have Netflix or Youtube/Dailymotion, with a parent’s supervision you could watch the Walking With Dinosaurs show (episode Cruel Seas) and send in any facts you found interesting to the email address below?  Click here for the episode. 
  • One of Opthalmosaurus’s cool adaptions were massive eyes to help it see in the dark. Maybe you could draw your own sea reptile and label its features!

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Mr. Salih