The Biggest Dinosaur Ever!

Hi all,

Thank you for sending in your amazing pictures and really interesting questions on T-Rex last week! I hope you have been inspired by Mrs Parente to grow some plants, especially when we’ve had so much sun.

Last week we looked into some really cool facts about T- Rex. Believe it or not, the biggest dinosaur ever was many, many times bigger! Its name was Argentinosaurus and it was the largest land animal in history!

Did You Know?

  • The name Argentinosaurus is pronounced: “AHR-gen-TEEN-uh-SAWR-us”.
  • Argentinosaurus was so heavy it could weigh up to 100 tons and measured over 30m long.
  • Despite its size, Argentinosaurus was a plant eater.
  • Argentinosaurus eggs were the size of a beach ball!


  • With an adult, could you find Argentina on a map/globe?
  • Argentinosaurus was super long, maybe you could measure how long it was with a trundle wheel or tape measure?
  • Finally, could you have a go at making an Argentinosaurus egg out of card or papier mache? You could use a football/beachball as a size comparison!
  • Please send any questions/ pictures here:


Next week, a flying giant! What could it possibly be?