This week at Nursery.

Hi everyone!

What a lovely week we have had back at Nursery.  We heard lots of stories about the fun activities you were up to over the Easter Holidays! This week – did you hear –  we have had eggs that hatched into chicks!! In the classroom we watched the eggs in their incubator and slowly, they hatched! The children loved watching them and waited very patiently for them to hatch. Once the chicks were big enough the children were able to hold them if they wanted and we were great at taking turns and waiting quietly so we didn’t scare them! We drew our own pictures of chicks and we used eggcellent (!) describing words to talk about them.  We have also been  re-reading Dear Zoo, talking and describing the different animals.

In math this week we have been comparing sizes using our vocabulary; is it tiny, minuscule, giant, large or medium? We had a wander in the woods and found different sizes of sticks and stones and in our groups we put ourselves in order of tallest to shortest – can you do this at home with your family or your favourite teddies?

For music, we have started listening to rock music (Journey ‘Don’t Stop Believing’/ Genesis ‘I cant walk’ / Van Halen ‘Jump’) – playing drums and rocking along has been great fun! – send in any requests that they love at home!

This-week-at-nursery-16.03.2021.pdf (73 downloads)


Until we see each other on Monday, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your noggins (brains) on for good learning.

Take care and stay safe,

Mrs. Howe, Mrs. Bain, Mrs. Mitzman, Mrs. Hill and Mrs. Bence