This week in Reception…

Mindfulness Monday

This week in our Mindfulness Monday session we used the boat designs the children created last week and they referred back to them to make a boat independently. The children found the materials needed from the creative cupboard and the junk modelling station. They knew what to collect because they had already labelled their work with careful writing.  Well done!

It was also an option to take our boats outside to test them. We were very happy when the boats  floated on the surface of the water tray.



This week we have been introduced to new sounds in Phonics:  au, ey, a-e and e-e.

The mnemonics are ‘pause the launch’, ‘pay for honey with money’, ‘cake by the lake’ and ‘compete like an athlete’ to remember the sounds.

Nursery Rhyme of the week:

Things you can do to help:

Continue to support your child with daily reading and writing in their orange reading record.

Explore halving and doubling in the kitchen by cooking together and measuring.

When booking summer holidays, discuss the people, communities and culture of the area you are visiting with your child to enrich their understanding and excite them for the summer holiday!