Time capsule memories and wishes for the future….

As we come to the end of the year, it is always nice to look back on our memories and things we have achieved – there have been so many! It is also a good time to think about things we are looking forward to.

You might like to fill out the time capsule booklet on this page or perhaps you’ve been keeping your own scrapbook of memories over lock down.

Time Capsule Activity Booklet

2020-covid-19-time-capsule-sheets.pdf (17 downloads)

We’d love to see some of your memories – you could either email them to us or bring them in to show in September. We’d love to also hear about your wishes for the future – perhaps it is something you’re looking forward to or a dream holiday you’d like to go on!

Have a wonderful summer break, enjoy yourselves and have lots of fun!

The Year 1 team x