Unusual pets


I have loved seeing the photos of your pets and hearing all about them! I used to have pets when I was little – I had fish, a hamster, a rabbit and a guinea pig called Gus because he used to eat lots like the mouse Gus Gus from the film Cinderella! I’d really love another pet of my own one day – perhaps a dog or another rabbit!

Since I don’t have any of my own pets at the moment, I thought I’d tell you about the pets my cousin, Lilly, has because they are a little bit unusual….

She has a Bearded Dragon called Layla.

Bearded dragons eat live crickets and locusts. You can also feed them fruit and vegetables. They need to be kept warm in a glass tank called a vivarium, with a heat lamp and UV light otherwise they can become unwell. Bearded Dragons puff up their chin and open their mouth if they are scared to make themselves look scary to predators. They are awake during the day and sleep at night. They need branches or logs in their vivarium for them to climb. When they grow, the shed their skin. They are very friendly and like to swim in the bath!

Lilly also has a Pygmy Hedgehog called Truffle

Did you know….

Their spikes only hurt if they are pointing upwards. They eat meal-worms and cat food but they can also have other things such as boiled eggs and some fruits. Hedgehogs sleep all through the day and wake up at night. They need an exercise wheel (like hamsters!) because in the wild, hedgehogs travel about 30 miles at night. They are lactose intolerant which means they feel poorly when they eat dairy products such as milk, cheese and yoghurt. Hedgehogs have to be kept warm or they will hibernate. Pet hedgehogs can’t hibernate because they are not prepared like wild hedgehogs who stock up on food and drink before they hibernate. Hedgehogs shed their spikes as they grow to get adult spikes. This is called quilling.

Do you have any unusual pets? Or perhaps you know some facts about an unusual animal that you’d like to share?

How do you care for your pets? Maybe you could write down how to look after them or even find out about a pet that you’d like to have one day!

Miss O’Donnell