Welcome to Reception’s Airport!

We have loved setting up an airport themed role play as part of our Summer Fun topic.

We all got involved making tickets, boarding passes and passports for our flights.

We thought carefully about what happens in an airport and what areas we would need to create. By moving the tables into a long line and using a plastic tray we made our own security area. We also had an information desk with brochures and flight times.

Finally it was time to board the plane. We watched safety announcements on the interactive board and made menus so passengers could choose their meals.


Can you continue this role play at home?

Role play is brilliant to extend vocabulary and ignite the imagination. It also provides vast opportunities for maths, writing and reading in meaningful contexts.

How about setting up a green grocers where you weigh the produce and pay with pretend money? Don’t forget to label your stock with prices and item names.

More suggestions:

  • A hairdressers
  • A clothes/ shoe shop (opportunities for measuring/ sizing)
  • A police station (make your own role play props e.g. hats, ID badges)
  • A florist