Wild Wednesday – Obstacle Course – th and ng

Hello everyone,

Wild Wednesday  is here once again and we are on an obstacle course!  Keeping ourselves fit and healthy really helps our brains to work at their optimum.   Think of your what you can design to make your obstacle course as easy or as tricky as you like.  You may want to build your confidence by starting out with one sound and building up to as many different sounds as you can find.  Gather your toys from earlier this week for the th sound in thumb,  and the ng sound in sting.  It’s a cold one today so really wrap up warm for our fun phonic adventure!

Writing – Today we’ve used a clipboard to write with.  Children really enjoy using things that they’ve seen an adult using; makes them feel so grown up.  They’re simple to make if you don’t have one.  A piece of thick card/cardboard any size, some paper approximately the same size, a clothes peg/bulldog clip to attach it with and something to write with.  Focus on the individual letters/digraph recognition rather than whole word writing or focus on writing any of the letters they’d like, writing their names or thinking of other names/words with these sounds.


How to play- Design and build an obstacle course indoors or outdoors.  Whatever your climbing, balancing, stretching, hopping, slithering experince is, build it to the level you’re comfortable with.   You could build tunnels indoors by hanging a big cloth over some chairs or balancing cushions  or piling them on top of each other to crawl over.  Scrambling over logs in the woods is also a good choice.  You could leap across puddles or balance along pavement stones.  Your imagination is the limit (and what your grown-up says is ok to do).  As I know there are some daredevils out there – be sensible please!  Arrange however many objects you have around your ‘equipment’ and go!  Could you set yourself a timer and see what your personal best is?  Challenge yourself to find different sounds too,

A few tips –  If you can make some clipboards of varying sizes, the bigger and smaller the better,  fantastic.   If you have pens and pencils that match the sizes, even better.  Keep them in a ‘writing’  bag with some other mark making tools and you have a bag at the ready to go where ever you do!  Children love things of different sizes.  It taps into their imagination and allows them yet another opportunity to role-play.  They could be Jack using the Giant’s clipboard or a Giant using a child’s clipboard.

Another interesting and a fantastic opportunity to talk about the crazy oddities in our language.   The ng and nk sound in pink.  It’s tricky and I am a frequent visitor to Oxford Owl, Jolly Phonics and a lot of other sites.  Persevere and if you’re finding it doesn’t always make sense, know you’re not alone!!

As always multiple views please, you’ll notice different things each time.  Also, use lower case when writing please.   If they’re really not hearing the sounds or continue to mispronounce it’s still a matter of repeating, drip feeding and saturating them with the correct sound.  Use every opportunity to model how you want them to say it.

Have fun and enjoy!

Until next time, do good looking for adventures, clean your ears out for good listening and turn your noggins (brains) on for good learning.

Take care, stay safe, 

The Nursery & Reception Team